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Easy Sudoku for 7/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/Jul/15 12:00 AM
07/Jul/15 12:00 AM
Seriously tempting place.
07/Jul/15 12:19 AM
How could you choose?
07/Jul/15 12:21 AM
... one of each ... to start.
07/Jul/15 12:26 AM
A dentist's dream (or nightmare)!
07/Jul/15 1:09 AM
Everyone knows that the red ones taste the best ...
07/Jul/15 1:20 AM
Maen Keith. Greetings from the East Coast.
07/Jul/15 1:55 AM
Yes Judy, but we all know that the red ones go faster.
07/Jul/15 1:58 AM
Good morning to all! Look .... a dentist's dream!
07/Jul/15 2:00 AM
It would be interesting to see which one went empty first, if the dispensers were not refilled.
07/Jul/15 2:06 AM
07/Jul/15 2:14 AM
Wonder what flavors are offered? Any interesting ones differing from the usual??
07/Jul/15 2:15 AM
Wow! Never realized there were so many. Have to admit I'm not a fan.
07/Jul/15 2:15 AM
I would go for the colors that you don't typically get in a regular bag.
07/Jul/15 2:17 AM

A 'birthday number' is defined as follows: add all digits of the month and day of the birthday. For example, November 24th has 'birthday number' 1+1+2+4=8.

What are the birthdays that share the second smallest birthday number?

Answers to my ''Birthday #'' inbox please.
07/Jul/15 2:18 AM
We don't have much going on during the summer. It just so happens that what is going on is all going on at once. Elijah is at a camp this week. It's all outdoorsman sports like hunting, archery, fishing,and trapping. When he's done he should get his card that will allow him to get his hunting license and go hunting with daddy this fall.
07/Jul/15 2:24 AM
Hubby and I had a car repair compromise. He fixed them both and took them in for inspection. The van passed and the car failed due to steering stuff. He did one repair on the car then took it into the shop today to diagnose the rest. They are currently fixing it.
07/Jul/15 2:26 AM
I'll take my cp and take a break. But I'll give you fair warning Keith, I might be back.
07/Jul/15 2:27 AM
And am I back just in time?
07/Jul/15 2:39 AM
Seems so.
07/Jul/15 2:39 AM
07/Jul/15 2:39 AM
Happy Monday!
07/Jul/15 2:42 AM
all, from Charlotte NC.
07/Jul/15 3:32 AM

I'm glad to see Keith came back in time for his number today.
07/Jul/15 5:13 AM
When I went back into the kitchen to get dessert (fresh sliced peaches) following our picnic on the 4th, I realized the baked beans were still in the oven...with the oven on. So we had plenty of left over baked beans! That's the first time I've ever done that. We obviously had plenty of other More...
07/Jul/15 5:17 AM
Good morning everyone. Peanut M&Ms are my favourite. Colour is irrelevant, quantity is not.
07/Jul/15 6:46 AM
Dottie, my baked beans arrive in a can and the microwave does the rest.
07/Jul/15 6:47 AM
1:52. Good morning everyone.
07/Jul/15 7:13 AM
Morning all, never been a fan of M&M 's.
07/Jul/15 7:33 AM
Very few people outside of the U.S. will admit to appreciating American chocolate! Of course, most of us who grew up with it like it. But I love Belgian chocolate ... and nothing beats the Australian Caramello Koalas! Yum!!
07/Jul/15 9:11 AM
I like Lindt chocolate.
School holidays so today I am off to see 'Minions'. Laura will enjoy the movie. Thankfully I only have to pay the Seniors members price for me. I have already bought the tickets on line as I do not want to have to stand in a queue for ages.
07/Jul/15 10:26 AM
Judy, I remember those Caramello Koalas well. They are still available and still as popular.
07/Jul/15 10:46 AM
I love Leonidas, a Belgium chocolate! Since my middle brother brought back Leonidas when he lived in Belgium, I could never face another Hershey or Sees or Helen Glaces. Now I'm reduced to buying chocolates at Trader Joes or the Japanese stores. I used to like Three Musketeers but now I can't even think of eating one! So I've cut back on chocolates drastically!
07/Jul/15 11:00 AM
Thank you, Victoria! YOU are the one who hooked me on the Caramello Koalas! Your kindness and graciousness will never be forgotten!
07/Jul/15 11:35 AM
I am thankful that my taste buds are not so sensitive that I can't enjoy an M&M, a Hershey bar, or any other particle of chocolate that comes within reach of my fingertips.
07/Jul/15 11:42 AM

Sadly, they have reduced the size of them Judy.
07/Jul/15 11:42 AM
Of course, I am now eating M&Ms. How could I resist that jar in my cabinet after the conversation here? I don't know that I'd call the different colors 'flavors' exactly, since all the colors taste the same. I like the dark chocolate ones, with and without peanuts, and the almond ones.
07/Jul/15 12:04 PM
Hehe. I'm crunching on a mouthful of dark chocolate M&Ms too, right now. I'm OK with Hersheys, think Lindt is better, also enjoy Godiva, will indulge in Sees when I get the chance, but my personal all time favorite is Rodgers Chocolates from Victoria, British Colombia.
07/Jul/15 12:17 PM
Still n OK untl tomorrow then we will be in New Mexico and up to Colorado for the next 2 days. We will be doing a train ride on Wednesday.
07/Jul/15 12:18 PM
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