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Easy Sudoku for 6/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Jul/15 12:00 AM
Had a nice Independence Day.
06/Jul/15 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! I'm sure Owen is a big fellow by now.
06/Jul/15 12:58 AM
Put 'er there, mom.
06/Jul/15 1:08 AM

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if not may it be on the improve soon.
06/Jul/15 1:09 AM

Seems like a lot of people must still be out celebrating.....or enjoying the outdoors depending on where you are as your certainly not here yet!(does that make any sense??? probably not but I know what Im trying to say
06/Jul/15 1:11 AM
Couldn't have put it better myself, Lizzy.
06/Jul/15 1:14 AM

Thank goodness 4th July celebrations only come round once a year, or we would never get over the page.....
06/Jul/15 2:08 AM
That comment reminded me to change my Avatar.
06/Jul/15 3:18 AM
Owen must be 11 now. Time flies!
06/Jul/15 3:33 AM

If my reckoning is right it should be around 10.40am Sunday morning where you are Keith, time for you to take it easy and come back in a few hours and see if we have progressed to your special number. At this rate, probably not...
06/Jul/15 3:37 AM

I take it Jacalme's best subject at school wasnt maths!
06/Jul/15 3:39 AM

As typing wasnt mine!!! or grammar for that matter
06/Jul/15 3:41 AM
Yes. The hard part is coming back at the right time.
06/Jul/15 3:50 AM
Good morning. A light frost this morning.
Lizzy,I had already decided Owen was nine when his birthdate first came up and before I read the comments.
We have Laura so off to the 'farm' today.
06/Jul/15 6:43 AM
Morning all, Owen had his 9th birthday last month. Wonder what he looks like now.
06/Jul/15 6:52 AM
Hmmm - how many times have you 'come back' so far Keith?
06/Jul/15 6:54 AM
Linda T and Dirt girl, hope you both have a great day.
06/Jul/15 6:55 AM
We are home from spending the weekend with my niece in Arkansas. Had a great time.
06/Jul/15 6:56 AM
Maybe I can help out the situation Keith on this disserted topside Sunday-after-the Fourth!
06/Jul/15 6:56 AM
...........and where might he be???
06/Jul/15 6:57 AM
I'll put one more in to help Keith.
06/Jul/15 6:59 AM
Forgot to change my holiday hat. Hope all those in the US has had a safe holiday.
06/Jul/15 6:59 AM
Heck, I meant to leave that for Keith. C'est la vie!
06/Jul/15 7:00 AM
Doing laundry so I can finish packing for tomorrow. Going to Montana to drive the 'Going To The Sun' road. Of course we will be doing more exciting things going there and coming home.
06/Jul/15 7:04 AM
I was about to give Keith a call refreshed the page to see it was too late. 😎
Well done Greg.👍
06/Jul/15 7:04 AM
1:22. Good morning everyone.
06/Jul/15 7:38 AM
Wha ... wait ... oh bother.
06/Jul/15 8:27 AM
Off to Charlotte tomorrow. Oldest grandson, who turned 22 on Friday, arrives home from a month-long tour of Europe tomorrow, which also is his mothers birthday. So, lots of celebrating to do.
06/Jul/15 10:22 AM
Cold and foggy here today, but it didn't stop our feathered friends from being out and about. A family of Superb Blue Wrens and a pair of Eastern Spinebills enlivened my breakfast time by feeding just outside our breakfast room door. They are often around but not usually that close.
06/Jul/15 10:28 AM
The term superb blue is well merited for the alpha male, with the females and immature males being much dowdier.
The spine bill is a honeyeater and resembles a humming bird in many ways, with a curved beak and the ability to feed on the wing. It is not quite so dainty though.
06/Jul/15 10:33 AM
06/Jul/15 11:02 AM
Met my newest grandnephew, Souta, for the first time! He is about one month old.
06/Jul/15 11:07 AM
Today is the one year anniversary of my father's death so we had a family reunion a brunch at El Torito. Get this a Mexican brunch for a Japanese family, only in America! But afterwards we went to visit his grave site. I think this must be the first visit for my baby bro. He took it the hardest of us siblings.
06/Jul/15 11:09 AM
Dontcha wish dirt girl would come celebrate her birthday with us by telling us about her name?
06/Jul/15 12:45 PM
Welcome back, Sue - we've seen lots of your flowers while you were away.
06/Jul/15 12:46 PM
Ahhh, dirt girl aka Cyndy explained her name in 2013. If I were more enterprising, I'd go back and try to find the reason for the name.
06/Jul/15 3:45 PM
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