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Easy Sudoku for 9/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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09/Oct/16 12:02 AM
I went to Hawaii on a senior high school trip back in the 70s. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit this memorial as it was under construction at the time for remodeling V
09/Oct/16 12:08 AM
Today's puzzle is a double A up and down puzzle. You start with the letter A and make an eight letter word, and then go back to A. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a word each time. You can rearrange the order of the letter. Clues as to what the More...
09/Oct/16 12:20 AM
Hi, my mare, it is pretty quiet this morning. Hawaii used to be a popular, almost a necessary stop between Australia and the U.S., but now that planes have a longer range many flights just go directly.
09/Oct/16 12:26 AM
Sunny & cooler today.
Good weather for hubby's cemetery tour, since he's wearing a long 18th century wool coat.
09/Oct/16 1:36 AM
They say that dress up can be fun, Shiela ...
09/Oct/16 1:39 AM
Hello all - have a G'day.
09/Oct/16 2:22 AM
Thankfully Mathew has lost a small bit of its power
09/Oct/16 2:23 AM
-spent much of last evening watching live reporting from around Jacksonville area where one of my daughters was hunkered down charcoal-grilling dinner by candlelight! The storm has moved on; now the clean-up!
09/Oct/16 2:26 AM
Hope all southeast US coastal Sudokuists have made it safely through the worst of Matthew's fury!
09/Oct/16 2:27 AM
Try Wombat's AA puzzle - it's a fun one! CP & bye-bye
09/Oct/16 2:28 AM
Happy Saturday!
09/Oct/16 2:52 AM
09/Oct/16 3:19 AM
Good afternoon to all! Overcast and raining here today. Sad start to Thanksgiving.
09/Oct/16 3:37 AM
Monday is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. The USA has their Thanksgiving about five weeks from now. Looking forward to a nice turkey dinner at friend's place.
09/Oct/16 3:39 AM
I've been watching the baseball playoffs. Our Canadian team, the Toronto Blue Jays, is off to a hot start by winning the first two games in Texas in a best of five series. Go Jays!
09/Oct/16 3:41 AM
Whew! Glad that all our sudokuists were spared the worse! Spent the night before last worrying about them. Yesterday was sluggish for the lack of sleep! Kept dreaming about being tossed about like the little house in Wizard of Oz.
09/Oct/16 3:53 AM
Somber place.
09/Oct/16 4:32 AM
Can't wait forever.
09/Oct/16 5:27 AM
Guess I'll just plod along.
09/Oct/16 5:28 AM
09/Oct/16 5:28 AM
09/Oct/16 5:28 AM
Even after multiple visits, I've never left with a dry eye...
09/Oct/16 5:31 AM
Good morning.
09/Oct/16 5:48 AM
Me either DorA.
09/Oct/16 5:49 AM
Lived in Honolulu for 3 years, made many visits to the memorial. I was always awed by the sacredness of the space.
09/Oct/16 5:51 AM
We are in Strahan, Tasmania on the west soapstone.
09/Oct/16 5:53 AM
What? Soapstone? Meant to be west coast.
09/Oct/16 5:54 AM
Due to go on a boat trip this morning to the Gordon River - scene of many protests in the 70s to stop it being dammed. The protests were successful and the place is regarded as a pristine wilderness.
However there is a howling wind outside. Hope it's not too rough.
09/Oct/16 6:01 AM
G'day all, from Charlotte. Left Roanoke this morning in light rain. The further south we went, the heavier it got. Decided to stop here for the night and try for home tomorrow.
09/Oct/16 7:04 AM
Morning all, nice pic,Sue!
CP, everything was canceled when we were there because of wind and heavy rain, had fun in the museum though.
09/Oct/16 7:11 AM
Good morning all.
09/Oct/16 7:20 AM
After days of trying possible passwords I struck it lucky and here I am.
09/Oct/16 7:21 AM
For some weird reason the iPad logged me off!
09/Oct/16 7:22 AM
CP I really don't like your chances of having a good view of one of the most beautiful places.
09/Oct/16 7:23 AM
Hubby's off on a 3 day fishing trip this morning.
09/Oct/16 7:25 AM
Rain of over 2'' is forecast along with snow where he is going.
09/Oct/16 7:26 AM
We've just had 2 days of fine weather. That's about the longest break from the rain at any one time since April.
09/Oct/16 7:29 AM
If it doesn't stop soon ithe paddocks will be too wet to get tractors on to cut hay!
09/Oct/16 7:30 AM
Any way folks enjoy your day.
09/Oct/16 7:31 AM
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