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Easy Sudoku for 8/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good evening everybody.
08/Oct/16 12:00 AM
Good morning from here. It's raining hard in Dallas but nothing like Florida with it hurricane.
08/Oct/16 12:20 AM
Good morning. Matthew is certainly having an effect on our Northern friends with only 2 posts by this time. I do hope that they are all OK.
08/Oct/16 12:58 AM
Yes, it is looking very rough on the East
08/Oct/16 1:04 AM
Sunny here!
They said they may start to repave our street today!
But I don't hear any noise...
08/Oct/16 1:40 AM
I hope everyone stays safe on the South & East Coasts. It's always so hard to grasp the destruction of these storms when you see sunshine outside your window.
08/Oct/16 1:48 AM
from overcast by dry So. Oregon.
08/Oct/16 1:52 AM
from overcast but dry NorCal.
08/Oct/16 2:11 AM
Hubby is going to be a ghost this weekend! (No, he's not going to an early Halloween party!) He's involved in a cemetery reenactment where they 'bring to life' several people who are buried in the town cemetery. He's going to be a guy who served in the Civil War and was a prominent merchant in our town. He has a really interesting tombstone shaped like a tree stump.
08/Oct/16 2:46 AM
Well, I think I'll try to venture out of my street. Unfortunately, I have lazed around long enough that I hear the 'beep-beep-beep' of the road machinery back-up signals, so it may be a bit tricky.
08/Oct/16 2:50 AM
Happy Friday day off!
08/Oct/16 3:04 AM
08/Oct/16 3:09 AM
Keith and Dave, you seem to grab all the clouds! None to be seen here, just blue sky and sun! I wish I could help out and grab the excess water Rosemary, Jim, Nora, Kathy, Jane, and my brother-in-law have!
08/Oct/16 3:11 AM

I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
08/Oct/16 3:13 AM
Oh dear, my poor new granddaughter has complications that put her right back in the hospital. She hasn't even completed one week on her own! I wish her all the strength I have.
08/Oct/16 3:15 AM
Misty , quiet scene. Lovely!
08/Oct/16 4:05 AM
Morning all, I enlarged the pic and still not sure if it is people walking along the ridge.
08/Oct/16 6:03 AM
Happy birthday ,Mon, crt2002,Martha, Sarah and vines250 hope you all have a great day.
08/Oct/16 6:06 AM
We have very dark cloud cover with rain expected, thank goodness I did the washing yesterday.
08/Oct/16 6:09 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
08/Oct/16 6:14 AM
Greetings from very sunny NY.

I feel sorry for Floridians, last weather model I saw expected Matthew to hook around and hit them a second time next week. I spoke to my son (in Jacksonville) yesterday, they were evacuating.
08/Oct/16 6:50 AM
08/Oct/16 8:03 AM
Wow. 22 went begging for over an hour.
08/Oct/16 8:05 AM
Mon and Sarah. Mon hasn't been here in a long time, but nice that Sarah is still with us.
08/Oct/16 8:07 AM
Good morning all. Here is today's fore and aft puzzle. I managed 24/26 this time. Your task is to take a row of letters from column D and place it between a pair of letters in columns A and B to make a word used in the English language which is similar in meaning to the word or words in column C. More...
08/Oct/16 10:15 AM
Happy birthday Sarah, I hope you have a CAPITAL birthday.
08/Oct/16 10:53 AM
all. From Roanoke, Virginia.
Tomorrow, we will (depending on the weather) drive straight home, or wait out the weather at our daughter's in Charlotte.
08/Oct/16 12:20 PM
No, I haven't been ignoring you. The past week has been rather hectic. I will PM you when (if ) we get home.
08/Oct/16 12:27 PM
08/Oct/16 1:19 PM
We left early this morning, have to take SIN to visit all the relatives around here. I am totally wore out driving.
08/Oct/16 1:21 PM
Early day tomorrow as we are going to Arkansas, the almost 13 is having his party. Then back home on Sunday.
08/Oct/16 1:23 PM
We have had some bad storms come through the last 2 nights, we have got 8' of rain.
08/Oct/16 1:28 PM
Nothing like the rain Florida is getting. In the 15 years I lived there we only had one close call. I lived just south of NAS Jacksonville. We still have many military friends that live in that area.
08/Oct/16 1:33 PM
1:54 Good morning one and all!
Looks like they're playing a round of golf.
08/Oct/16 1:34 PM
Cake Lady wishing the best for your son.
08/Oct/16 1:35 PM
Love your clever birthday wish to Sarah, Wombat!
08/Oct/16 2:55 PM
.......and another great weekend puzzle - thanks!
08/Oct/16 2:56 PM
Looks like Jacksonville has 'weathered' Matthew's fury; one of my daughters has thankfully stayed safe there through it all!
08/Oct/16 3:02 PM
Thanks for the kind words Joyce. It's so close to page turning I can't resist.
08/Oct/16 7:08 PM
Come to think of it why should I resist! Bottom of page one.
08/Oct/16 7:09 PM
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