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Easy Sudoku for 9/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
09/Dec/14 12:01 AM
1:16, pretty straight-forward tonight. Good night everyone.
09/Dec/14 12:03 AM
Hi and Goodbye Chris.
09/Dec/14 12:16 AM
Raining today - little icy - hoping the sun comes out before heading out to work
09/Dec/14 12:22 AM
Chris, June, mymare - good morning from a sunny Texas!!
09/Dec/14 12:26 AM
Our landline is not working - getting a dailtone but not able to call out or in - so have to deal with that today - we replaced our phones - and they were working this past week. Mystery
09/Dec/14 12:27 AM
Send some sun up here
09/Dec/14 12:28 AM
My kids are never that calm.

Hi shosho!
09/Dec/14 12:52 AM
I have sun but it's only 6F so I don't think it really matters.
09/Dec/14 12:53 AM
The distance between Station Atena and Station Barcena is 84 miles. A train starts from Atena towards Barcena. A bird starts at the same time from Barcena straight towards the moving train. On reaching the train, it instantaneously turns back and returns to Barcena. The bird makes these journeys More...
09/Dec/14 12:57 AM
Send sunshine, please...
...and a bit warmer would be nice, too!
(We are just above freezing.)
09/Dec/14 1:24 AM
09/Dec/14 1:46 AM
Sorry we can't help you out, Shiela - my daughter in Minnesota says it is cold also!
09/Dec/14 1:53 AM
, y'all! One thing nearly all baby animals have in common is that they're fuzzy. I haven't outgrown the 'awww' factor!
09/Dec/14 2:01 AM
Holiday Singalong answers! Seems like everyone really enjoyed these.

1.12 Days of Christmas
2.All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth
3.Angels We Have Heard on High
4.Away in a Manger
5.Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (The Christmas Song)
6.Deck the More...
09/Dec/14 2:07 AM
Happy Monday!
09/Dec/14 2:15 AM
So far we’ve got a heckuva party going on in Sudokuland:

How about those choco-orange, cardamom spiced sticky buns from Mads – they’re delish!

Serena’s brought the choco-chip cookies with walnuts, Sarah Beth brought the fudge. Anybody with choco-anything will always be More...
09/Dec/14 2:23 AM
Oh, and for a bit of interest... I was unable to post earlier on Saturday because the site didn't like the binomial nomenclature for the human species (h0m0 sapiens). Once I changed Frosty's species to 'hominid', the puzzle took. Who'da thought a scientific term would cause such consternation!
09/Dec/14 2:33 AM
Finally got here, ...
09/Dec/14 2:41 AM
and it seems
09/Dec/14 2:41 AM
I'm just in time.
09/Dec/14 2:41 AM
09/Dec/14 2:41 AM
Glad to have helped!
09/Dec/14 2:49 AM
Ya gotta be kiddin' me.
09/Dec/14 2:55 AM
Comment about the picture, not your last remark, Silvergal.
09/Dec/14 2:55 AM
09/Dec/14 3:31 AM
Thanks, Serena!!! Here's flying your way!!!
09/Dec/14 3:32 AM
Spending my time trying to make a work sheet for second graders on prefixes! We think that this should be easy but ever try to make a list of words using a certain prefix at a level second graders can read and understand??? ARGH!!!
09/Dec/14 3:34 AM
Teaching science and math is easier for me because I spent that last twelve years focused on the learning steps for those concepts following the state standards. That's the problem with the government. They change the standards and then change the state tests on those standards.
09/Dec/14 3:36 AM
Teachers get the fun job of seeing where their students' levels are and then figure out what do the students need to do to show their competency and work out the learning steps to get there. Once there then they have to get the students to understand how to answer the state test questions.
09/Dec/14 3:39 AM
The government officials and most the public forget that middle step, the crucial one, and think all teachers have to do is deal with the last step. WRONG!!! That way only rote memorization works but not understanding. Government funds the last step (the books and workbook) but not the middle More...
09/Dec/14 3:44 AM
Okay, it's safe to come out of hiding, I've stepped off my soapbox. Thank you for letting me steam off. Now I must do some work to help my former colleagues. I'm the sort of person I wished I had when I was teaching.
09/Dec/14 3:45 AM
Shosho, you've vented nice & succinctly about what I dislike about most educational mandates (and mandates in general). Set standards, set an outcome, make attaining it all too complicated without decent guidance, and set some kind of retribution for when those outcomes are not met. I had to More...
09/Dec/14 3:55 AM
My deciding to retire was in good part a direct result of the government's influence on education. I believe the powers that be in the government that want to privatize public education have gotten control of standards and testing and are deliberately designing a system to force public education to fail so privatization will seem a better choice.
09/Dec/14 4:27 AM
Everyone should take a peek at the picture on Hard today. I hope someone knows where it was taken.
09/Dec/14 4:34 AM
Good afternoon to all! Look. it's Billy the Kid!
09/Dec/14 4:38 AM
It does look like the Rockies, Hal, but I don't recognize it.
09/Dec/14 4:52 AM
Well, well, well, looks I cam back in time!
09/Dec/14 5:18 AM
Here goes . . .
09/Dec/14 5:19 AM
09/Dec/14 5:19 AM
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