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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
08/Dec/14 12:00 AM
...and good night everyone, I need to wake up in less than 6 hours so I really need to get some sleep!
08/Dec/14 12:01 AM
just a quick note to say I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, this time of year is a busy one at work and just hasn't allowed time to post, though I do make time to do the sudoku puzzles most nights.
08/Dec/14 12:39 AM
, y'all! And good night, Chris!
08/Dec/14 12:53 AM
Weekend Puzzle (repost from late yesterday)! Uh oh, due to a cyberspace hiccup, Sudokuland's Christmas music playlist got filtered through a thesaurus site! Decipher the titles or first lines of the 15 songs below so we can get our holiday party started.

Answers to my 'Holiday Singalong' More...
08/Dec/14 12:54 AM
BTW, #14 on the poozle should be:

Jovial Yuletide Desired for the Second Person (singular or plural) by the First Person (plural).

Thanks, Judy, for noting! While it hasn't made a difference for those who've already answered, but it bugs me when those sort of thing slip by me .
08/Dec/14 1:01 AM
LOL on today's pic! Anybody with a child or grandchild has found toys in the strangest places.
08/Dec/14 1:16 AM
I can't refrain from an early CP.
08/Dec/14 1:17 AM
08/Dec/14 1:36 AM

I didn't see the ''Holiday Singalong'' puzzle last night. I better get started trying to figure it out!

By the way, Silvergal, I love your avatar.
08/Dec/14 2:32 AM
1:27. Couldn't sleep so thought I'd get the puzzles done now in case I oversleep later in the morning! Good night all.
08/Dec/14 2:36 AM
Today's picture is most cute.
08/Dec/14 2:59 AM
Becoming more popular for the holidays than the original.....Elf in the Toilet!
08/Dec/14 3:04 AM
Thought I'd better join in the spirit.
08/Dec/14 3:27 AM
Every Day, Billions of innocent
plants are killed by vegetarians.
Stop the violence. Eat Bacon.
08/Dec/14 3:52 AM
08/Dec/14 4:08 AM
Will ribs be OK, DOA?
08/Dec/14 5:06 AM
Have I waited long enough?
08/Dec/14 5:12 AM
Anybody still around?
08/Dec/14 5:13 AM
We shall see.
08/Dec/14 5:13 AM
Last chance.
08/Dec/14 5:13 AM
08/Dec/14 5:14 AM
Good morning everyone.
08/Dec/14 6:22 AM
Morning all, they lose interest in the toilet when they start using it.
08/Dec/14 6:42 AM
Thought I had better put my party clothes on.
08/Dec/14 6:46 AM
Good afternoon to all! Just don't flush the toilet!
08/Dec/14 7:24 AM
Good morning.
08/Dec/14 7:34 AM
Like Chris, I couldn't sleep.
08/Dec/14 7:35 AM
So was here at 0140.
08/Dec/14 7:35 AM
But wasn't able to post.
08/Dec/14 7:36 AM
That was at post number 10.
08/Dec/14 7:37 AM
They'll do fine, Hal, just fine.
08/Dec/14 7:51 AM
Bacon DorA? Bacon??

What happens when you call the Swine Flu Helpline?You hear the sound of bacon crackling!
08/Dec/14 7:57 AM
Rain clearing. My expensive hearing aid which was lost is now found. Have a happy day!
08/Dec/14 8:59 AM
Off to the city today to have lunch with ex work friends. it was raining this morning but has now cleared away. Unlike CP and Chris I was able to sleep last night.
08/Dec/14 9:44 AM
Someone is learning about jacousi earlier than others... snow and cold ...slowly getting ready for Chritmas... gifts do not include doll...
08/Dec/14 11:01 AM
time to go to bed... very early rising tomorrow.
Enjoy your day...and be happy!
08/Dec/14 1:05 PM
Greg, do you have a problem with bacon?
08/Dec/14 1:47 PM
My goodness, it's the bottom of the page again.
08/Dec/14 1:49 PM
08/Dec/14 1:49 PM
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