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Tough Sudoku for 1/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi fii.I made a comment on yesterday's solution,if you have time to have a look.
01/Nov/09 12:08 AM
"Hi, honey! I brought you this big yellow flower!"
01/Nov/09 12:15 AM
Basic techniques UP63 - Tip: Careful elimination of possibilities in middle square (locked pairs).
01/Nov/09 12:17 AM
11:56 very easy one possibility solution today. BTW, why is the finger always pointed at poor Katy?
01/Nov/09 12:32 AM
Yes Kate.After pair 37 at d46,unique possibilities to 63.
Then e2=7,whether h3=6 or 7.UPs to 81.
01/Nov/09 12:33 AM
YW: (7=1)b1-(1=6)a3-(6=7)h3,=>i1<>7.UP=81
01/Nov/09 12:48 AM
Hi All, You are all too fast for me. Best regards, Neil
PS: I normally look at these Sudokus at about 6AM UK time (it's approx 2PM now on 31 October), so that I am usually much later than all the clever people - today was unusual, as I had to check the internet for other reasons.
01/Nov/09 1:01 AM
Easy for a Tough one! Very nice picture Kate
01/Nov/09 1:10 AM
Thanks Alfred, Just saw your comment at the top of the page and had already gone back in to yesterdays and seen that comment. Not tonight. Possibly tomorrow I will reset the possibilities and see if I come up with the same answer.
01/Nov/09 1:21 AM
9:01 Too easy.
01/Nov/09 3:17 AM
7:21, the easiest for some time. Hi all.
01/Nov/09 7:25 AM
Yep; a very easy tough!! My time was under 9 minutes. That's a first. Good day/night everyone.
01/Nov/09 8:51 AM
01/Nov/09 10:01 AM
01/Nov/09 1:21 PM
7:35 Ein Stuck Torte mit Schlagsahne...
03/Nov/09 4:41 PM

10/Sep/10 7:20 AM
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