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Tough Sudoku for 1/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nice, Wilodene!
(Looks like you actually go into civilization occasionally!)
01/Feb/11 12:15 AM
Been there before for a tour when I was a teenager. Very impressive!
01/Feb/11 12:24 AM

01/Feb/11 12:45 AM
If you have ever crested the mountain and looked down upon Salt Lake City from the East, it's not hard to realize why the Mormons went no further. Breath-taking!
01/Feb/11 1:36 AM
(a bit more engaging than last few)
1.SST to UP44 (note SF(8)bch278)
2.(3=458)b236-YW(518)c25b4=(39)ce5 > -3a5
3.(7)g5=i5-(7=3)i8-(349=6)gi9i7 > -6g5, UP81
01/Feb/11 2:07 AM
note: step 2 could be written as aals kraken.
01/Feb/11 2:20 AM
typo - SF is (8)bch247
01/Feb/11 2:46 AM
of course this is simpler but YW bool example interesting
1.SST to UP44
2.(2)h9=(2-5)h8=g8-(459=6)g239 > -6h9, UP46
3.(1)b4=(1-3)b1=(35')b56 > -1c5, UP81
01/Feb/11 3:12 AM
typo : =(35')b6c5
01/Feb/11 3:15 AM
(one other thing I've noticed about wing bools in AIC chains is their ability prove loops because of geometry and reach)
01/Feb/11 3:41 AM
That is the first tough puzzle I have done without guessing at any time or making an error. Perhaps I am improving - or perhaps it was just 'a flash in the pan'. Anyway, I am patting myself on the back for it !
01/Feb/11 4:19 AM
#0 SSTS/Swordfish(8) ; UP44
#1 s-wing-like(15) ; (5)c5=b6 - als(458=1)b234 - (1)b1=c1 => c5<>1 ; UP44
#2 xy-chain ; (1=5)h2 - (5=2)h8 - (2=3)c8 - (3=7)i8 - (7=1)i5 => h5<>1, i2<>1 ; UP81
01/Feb/11 6:28 AM
well done Rayray. I almost achieved the same but made a couple of silly mistakes.
01/Feb/11 8:49 AM

1)SSTS to UP=44
3)(526=1)h895-(1=7)i5-i8=(7)g8,=>g8<>5. UP=81
01/Feb/11 11:03 AM

Typo: 2)..(8-4)c2 to read (8-5)c2
01/Feb/11 11:06 AM
Yes..it was a simple one and looks like it doesnt belong here. Not only this, but a few from the past week too were not very challenging.Still it makes you feel cool solving it here, under the tough section:)
01/Feb/11 4:33 PM
5:11. UP=81, the easiest one for a long, long time IMO.
01/Feb/11 11:01 PM
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