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Tough Sudoku for 1/August/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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This is an interesting concept..... I think I would miss having a yard.
01/Aug/07 12:28 AM
14.25. The house looks like 10 feet above the water.
01/Aug/07 12:46 AM
I was guessing Louisiana, and I was right! Easier than normal tough for me today. Now it's off to do errands.
01/Aug/07 12:47 AM
I wouldn't get a minute of sleep in that house, wondering what lurked in the waters below...
01/Aug/07 1:01 AM
Did that house survive Katrina?
01/Aug/07 1:12 AM
Cathy from s. ont. you would already know what lurks in those waters below...alligators. I took a ride into the bayous when I visited New Orleans and thoughts that someone wanted to get rid of evidence, those bayous would be the place to do so.
01/Aug/07 1:15 AM
Alligators and cottonmouths and alligator-snapping turtles and lots of other not-so-nice thingies. But still a wonderous world.
01/Aug/07 2:10 AM
Is that a boat garage underneath?
I'm sure plenty of evidence is lost in the bayous, b/calgary! I've also been there and it's like another world. Kind of spooky, really.
01/Aug/07 3:18 AM
01/Aug/07 3:24 AM
i took this pix last summer on our swamp boat tour. several others have shown up , too. it was a fabulous tour. yes, this was after katrina, the one that hit hard here was Hurricane Rita, on the heels of Katrina. between the 2, this area was a mess. some cleaning yet to do, mostly a new 'normal' More...
01/Aug/07 3:48 AM
Not to mention mosquitoes.
01/Aug/07 3:52 AM
Great photo, Sandra. This one makes me think of the Allman Brothers song Ramblin' Man.
01/Aug/07 4:23 AM
You would have to love humidity to live there! Not really my kind'a place.
01/Aug/07 4:29 AM
Very interest picture SANDRA,and good shot.
Nice Maen to all of You.
01/Aug/07 4:58 AM
That's a great photo Sandra and an interesting subject. You wouldn't have to go far for a swim - if you were game.
When I see still water like this I think of mosquitos. I can hear them buzzing around my face.
01/Aug/07 5:38 AM
Interesting place to live... but- is it safety?
01/Aug/07 6:59 AM
the interesting bit of info i heard from the tour guide (for the 2 of us) was that he swims with the alligators. they haven't bothered any of his family. the mama gator protects the nest. i wouldn't take that chance! i've heard much about the huge mosquitos here, but haven't seen any. hooray for that! they must be hiding from me.
01/Aug/07 7:21 AM
Ian, the water looks still, but has a current, so didn't draw mosquitoes like you would think for still water. there was a tide there also, from the Gulf of Mexico.
01/Aug/07 7:24 AM
Great shot, Sandra, & thanks for the info,too.
01/Aug/07 7:42 AM
Good evening to all! To each there own Sandra, but I wouldn't make it my year-round home.
01/Aug/07 8:36 AM
Very interesting Sandra, but not my idea of home sweet home!! And thanks for the info, it makes the pics so much more interesting to have the comments, but there must be a lot of them floating around in cyberspace! (Comments I mean!)
01/Aug/07 12:50 PM
Great shot - keep them coming - these are places I will probably never get to so find them fascinating. Wonder if they have a pet dog? My 2 wouldn't last long - they are avid swimmers.
01/Aug/07 12:54 PM
Hope none of the residents are sleep-walkers!
01/Aug/07 1:05 PM
Seemed very simple- only chain was to delete the 8 at a6- otherwise all UPs.
01/Aug/07 2:36 PM
12.12 Good thought Patty!
01/Aug/07 6:07 PM
with the annual rainfall increasing by every passing year,our chennai will soon be like this one day..in fact the area where i stay(just 5km from the seashore)start sloping towards the sea and you cant imagine the amount of water that flows after a down pour..it often looks like venice!!!
01/Aug/07 6:25 PM
Sandra, thanks for the information, I feel much more comfortable now.
01/Aug/07 7:29 PM
15 minutes. A relatively simple tough level.
Hidden pairs and a short fc involving 8s only.
02/Aug/07 1:34 AM

07/Sep/10 8:57 PM
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