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Tough Sudoku for 10/April/2007


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09/Apr/07 12:14 AM
Beautiful Middleton Beach which only about ten days ago was ruined by big swells and waves which washed a lot of the beach away. It's a sad sight.
10/Apr/07 12:04 AM
Good morning to all! Nice photo Anne! Sorry your beach was damaged.
10/Apr/07 1:06 AM
10/Apr/07 1:53 AM

Does that make this the Indian Ocean?
10/Apr/07 1:55 AM
Lovely beach photo.
10/Apr/07 1:57 AM
Sad to learn about the damage to the beach. Hopefully Mother Nature will restore this area ...
10/Apr/07 2:46 AM
I knew this was yours, Anne, when it started coming up. It's so peaceful and beautiful. It's a horrible thing--all that damage. Hope it gets restored soon.
everyone. Have a nice evening.
10/Apr/07 4:38 AM
In all likelihood, the sand didn't go far, and will be slowly redeposited right where it came from, or very close.
10/Apr/07 4:43 AM
That's how Nature should work, Ian, and I hope that it happens at Middleton. Here on the Southern California Coast, with the numerous man-made jetties and other obstructions, once the sand is washed out to sea, it is prevented from returning to its point of origin. Sand from lagoons is constantly pumped out to the beaches to cover the rocks and reef. Very sad, actually.
10/Apr/07 4:53 AM
Sorry, I seem to have missed out on some news. Was this like a tsunami or just extreme weather?
Sad, but mother nature luckily has a lot of balancing tricks up her sleeves.
10/Apr/07 5:19 AM
Some of you might remember the photos I posted of Anglesea beach. That beach has lost at least 6 feet of sand over the years and it hasn't returned. I have photos taken long ago with bathing boxes and large sand dunes, the boxes are gone and so have most of the sand dunes. Now we have barbed More...
10/Apr/07 5:39 AM
Albany is on the Southern Ocean which can be very wild and rough. It was just a winter storm I believe.
10/Apr/07 7:20 AM
No guesses today.
10/Apr/07 7:24 AM
Thanks, Mary, for your explanation. I've only just got up as I slept in. Yes, we have rough sees like that occasionally as we are open to the Southern Ocean. Years ago it happened further around the beach which is called Emu Point and the 'engineers' put in a groin to save it and now they have to More...
10/Apr/07 10:17 AM
Gobal warming is real and it does real damage. This is only the start of it. We all have some decisions to may. What is my carbon foorprint.
What am I doing to save the earth.
10/Apr/07 10:33 AM
Nice picture of Middleton Beach Anne. Saw the continuing erosion at Emu Point after the storm at the begin January this year.
10/Apr/07 1:22 PM
Nice Beach... too bad about the damage
10/Apr/07 4:34 PM
Don't worry Anne. A beautiful wide sandy beach in front of my parents home in California changed overnight after a tremendous storm, leaving a 10ft. drop-off to the water. No beach. But the beach returned as lovely as ever before too long. The ocean and tides may be destructive but are good at repair too.
10/Apr/07 5:40 PM
Lovely beach,

reminds me that I gotta go to the beach, once it stops raining over here!
10/Apr/07 7:49 PM
Thanks for the photo Anne. I remember as a child playing on the Stanwell Park beach (South of Sydney) on holiday. I jumped over a rock. After a storm that night we went back to the almost unrecognisable beach and the rock was 5 foot high.
10/Apr/07 7:56 PM
By the way, that is actually piles of seaweed on the beach, not rocks.
10/Apr/07 8:06 PM
lol get over it
10/Apr/07 10:45 PM
Hai Anne,
Nice photoes,u r sharing many photoes with us.
10/Apr/07 11:04 PM
Thanks ABC from Kuwait - I'm glad you like them.
10/Apr/07 11:34 PM
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28/Apr/07 6:11 AM
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28/Apr/07 6:12 AM

06/Sep/10 10:56 PM
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