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Tough Sudoku for 11/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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11/Jun/10 12:24 AM
1) Start 23 UP 28 SSTS UP 29 SSTS
2) (1)g5 = (1-7)a5 = (7-2)a4 = (2)h4 => h4<>1; LC(1); UP 30
3) (3)f123 = [(8=3)g7 - f7 =* f4 - de6 = HP(36)gi6 - (12)g6 = NT(368)g679] - (8)g3 = (8-4)i3 = (4-1)a3 = (1)df3 - (1=3)e1 loop => d3<3, f1<>1, a3<>239, i3<>39; UP More...
11/Jun/10 12:51 AM
Pretty in Pink, Sue!
11/Jun/10 1:37 AM
Steve: I didn't realize something like:
(12)g6=NT(368)g679 (in your long step 3 inner chain) was kosher. Obviously valid now that I think about it. Also your isolated set (3)f7=(3)f4 in the inner chain is new to me (but this time not obvious - but again if the inner chain is not true/valid (what More...
11/Jun/10 1:43 AM
Steve: I see it now - since the inner chain is valid as it stands when 3f7=3f4 that is the only pertinent way it could possibly be false as well.
11/Jun/10 1:51 AM
Steve: isn't there a problem if (3)f1=(3)f4 is true - then both sides could be false and the reasoning incorrect??
11/Jun/10 1:58 AM
if f7 contrives to make both false it fails ingloriously and one OR the other is still true - the light dawns!
11/Jun/10 2:11 AM
At least one of (3)f12347 is true. I break that into three groups, as noted: f123,f4,f7.

If the inner chain is not "true", that can only happen if (3)f123 is true. In that case, since the macro chain is a continuous loop, all the stuff from the end of the chain is More...
11/Jun/10 2:15 AM
Off Topic:
Steve, I just send you a Message...
Maybe, this is my last comment here

11/Jun/10 2:32 AM
Tough. About an hour :-(. to you all from rainy Portland, Oregon.
11/Jun/10 2:32 AM
Beautiful, Sue.
11/Jun/10 6:11 AM
25:35, hi everyone.
11/Jun/10 7:42 AM
notice: I just posted the Krakenese for the too tough Feb-16-10 (praxis).
11/Jun/10 8:47 AM
Thanks for the pm. Hopefully you can find time to return here from time to time.
11/Jun/10 9:31 AM
My compliments too, Steve, on a great solution. Here is my understanding of it, with a couple of questions:
Step 3): If e1=1,a4=1 and g5=1. When e1=3, both f7=3 or f4=3 leads to g5=1 ,and, also i3=8, making a3=4. So g5=1 and a3=14, creating a 124 triple in column a. On my grid,this already is More...
11/Jun/10 11:52 PM
55:02 in order
12/Jun/10 5:47 AM
Thanks Alfred. Indeed, I thought that I had caught that typo...... but I did not! e4<>1 is the correct conclusion at that point. Sometimes, I may count the UPs differently, if I do not include the execution of perhaps a couple of easy type steps - this is an old bad habit of mine.
12/Jun/10 11:13 AM

10/Sep/10 9:56 PM
1.SSTS to UP29
2.(1)g5=a5-(1=24)ab6-(2)g6=h4-(167')h489=(6)g9 > -1h4 -6g6, UP31
3.K column(3)f loop> -3g1d3e4 +14a3, UP36
4.(3=7)i4-h4=h9-(7=3) e9-e1=f13 > -3f4, UP81
22/Jan/11 1:53 PM
similar to but not the same notes as Steve's looped kraken.
22/Jan/11 2:38 PM
continuing theme of reducing krakens:


where SS means SkyScraper.
22/Jan/11 2:56 PM
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