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Tough Sudoku for 12/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Watch out below!!!
12/Jan/10 12:09 AM
That is quite the paint-job!!!!!

Have a great day/night everyone!
12/Jan/10 1:01 AM
Don't mess with me!
12/Jan/10 2:00 AM
Have a good flight!!
12/Jan/10 2:12 AM
12/Jan/10 5:31 AM
Love the paint job! Maen!
12/Jan/10 5:46 AM
12/Jan/10 7:06 AM
Quite a snarl!!
12/Jan/10 7:25 AM
Fabulous old planes.
12/Jan/10 8:53 AM
Ahh! My picture from the June Flying Weekend and my Dad's 70th Birthday!
12/Jan/10 9:06 AM
1. Note pair 15 at e1/f2.Unique possibilities to 29.
2. If d5=8,c5=6=b8.Also,f5=8=d8 makes b8=6.UP33.
3. If f5=8=a7,a9=5=c5,d5=6.So d5=68;b5=2.UP34.
4. If h2=6,a2=1,h9=4=c7;row 7 is devoid of 1.Hence hi=6.UP36.
5. If f2=1,a2=6=c5,d5=8,d8=7.Also f2=5 makes d8=7 (to avoid the 14 unresolvable rectangle at bf46).UP61.
6. h2=5 (to avoid the 59 unresolvablr rectangle at ah46).UP81.
12/Jan/10 9:54 AM
This makes a great tough jigsaw too!
12/Jan/10 12:26 PM
Thanks Kate!!!
12/Jan/10 3:08 PM
My go for today:
1)Basic techniques to UP=29, note locked sets 49 in d123 and 9 in h46.
2)(6) e6=e7-d8=b8=>b6<>6
3)(6)b8=(6-8)d8=(8-2)d5=(2)b5=>b5<>6, UP=33
4)(3)gh1=(3-4)g3=(4-9)d3=(9)d1=>d1<>3, UP=61
5)(5)i8=g8-g5=f5-f2=h2=>i1<>5, UP=81
Best regards, Neil
12/Jan/10 6:42 PM
14.48 Now that would definitely scare me in a dogfight!
12/Jan/10 9:21 PM

Almost similar to Neil,s solution:
1) Start at 23, basic techniques to UP=29
2) (6=3)e7-(3=789)f789-(8=1356)cfgh5-(6)b56=(6)b8,=>ac7d8<>6.UP=33
3) YWS(79)c3: (9)d1=c1-(9=7)c3-(7=3)e3,=>d1<>3.UP=61
4) (5): e1=e6-f5=g5-g8=i8,=>i1<>5.UP=81
13/Jan/10 1:35 AM
I picture of my fourth ex mother-in-law......LOL!
13/Jan/10 10:23 AM
1.(3)e3=(*34)dg3-(9)d3=(9)d1 => d1<>3
2.(6)b8=(6-8)d8=(8)d5-(*26)bd5=(6)c5 => c7<>6 UP=61.
3.(5)e1=e6-f5=g5-g8=i8 => i1<>5 UP=81.
13/Jun/10 10:38 PM

10/Sep/10 10:45 AM
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