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Tough Sudoku for 13/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Looks flat & dry. I'll pass on this one!
13/Feb/10 12:09 AM
It does look very dry there! No trees?
13/Feb/10 12:54 AM
Would love to travel by train out in WA some day!
13/Feb/10 1:13 AM
1. Note pair 28 at df5.Unique possibilities to 39.Note pair 48 at ce7.
2. If d7=3,d9=8=h8=c7,d5=2=e8,e9=7=i8=c1=g3=h5,g9=4;row 5 is devoid of 4. So d7=5.UPs to 52.
3. If c1=7=g3,g9=8=e7;column c is devoid of 8.Hence c1=8.UPs to 81.
13/Feb/10 2:04 AM
This shot emphasizes how BIG Australia is!
13/Feb/10 2:08 AM
17:42 Maen! Biiiiig country.
13/Feb/10 2:51 AM

1) Start at 23,basic techniques to UP=41
2) (4)a4=(4-7)c4=c1-h1=(7-4)h5=(4)h8,=>a8<>4.UP=81

Alfred, maybe you missed hp(48)g9h8=> h7=9=i5.
Regards, Sotir
13/Feb/10 3:10 AM

10:35 Fastest 'tough' ever pour moi. Used basic techniques (the only ones I know ;-) that prevented me from even finishing a 'tough' earlier this week.

This photo could have been taken in any of several US western states.

Good weekend ALL!
13/Feb/10 4:01 AM
Good weekend everyone!
13/Feb/10 4:08 AM
The train wound like a sash across the fabric of the continent.
13/Feb/10 4:31 AM
maen all! yeah, looks like a nice freight to jump like they did in the old days...i imagine they also have passenger service...i love train travel...i met the gal on an amtrac from florida...that was many moons ago!
13/Feb/10 4:56 AM
13/Feb/10 5:02 AM
15:00, hi all.
13/Feb/10 7:51 AM
Thanks Sotir.I did miss that other 48 pair.
Regards, Alfred.
13/Feb/10 7:52 AM
13/Feb/10 8:47 AM
17:30 *sigh*
oh wells

Lonely shot... big country... well done
13/Feb/10 11:11 AM
13/Feb/10 5:24 PM

10/Sep/10 10:57 AM
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