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Tough Sudoku for 13/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Love their little top feather, Wilodene! Thanks for the photo!
13/Apr/11 12:06 AM
SE 8.9
Deceptive rating, methinks!
13/Apr/11 12:38 AM
1.SST to UP27
2.(135)aci6=XW(6)ah56-(569=17)f358-(459')cef8=(9)def9-(569=2)b579 > -5b5, UP34
3.(3=267)cde7-(6=9)b9-a8=(159')ef8f9 > -3f9, UP81
13/Apr/11 12:46 AM
- I was guessing SE=8.2 or close
this SE=8.5 plays hard to get (so far 4 aic + 2 kraken)

13/Apr/11 12:51 AM
Similar to kobold's:
1) Start 23 UP 27 SSTS
2) (5=69)b79 - (9=459')cef8 - (17)f8 = (596)f835 - (6=9)h5 - (9=6315)haic6 => b5,c78<>5; UP 34
3) (13')cg2 = (3)e3 - f1 = (3-1)f9 = (159')fea8 - (9=725)adi2 => c2<>7,g2<>25; UP 37; NP(27); UP 81
13/Apr/11 2:41 AM
I hope to find the time to study some of the puzzles that you have been submitting here. Are you creating them?
13/Apr/11 2:43 AM
Steve. SE has a sudoku generator function on the file menu, I iterate until it generates 7.8 or better - I am hacking the code and am currently implenting new filters on result grids. Positions that yield only to long FC-nets are IMO not interesting, but the grid should not yield to a series of More...
13/Apr/11 3:12 AM
odd word: 'am'. perhaps dropping the copula, as in African American dialect, (is) more natural.
13/Apr/11 3:34 AM
- I may also, eventually, write my own generator using the 'dancing links' algorithm for finding exact covering sets and filters based on the aic/kraken solving path.
13/Apr/11 3:46 AM
An attempt at kobold's 8.5 posted today, above:
1) SSTS UP 35 SSTS FXW(1)fg39,f8 => e9<>1
2) ALS xz rc(9) => (236)agh2 = (236)abd1 => e2,hi1<>6
3) HP(12)ef9 = (2)d9 - FWX(2)fg39,f8 = (2-6)g2 = (6-3)h2 = (3)XWae25 - e8 = (3-12)f8 = HP(12)f39 => (12)f9; SSTS - Kite(7) More...
13/Apr/11 7:59 AM
Thank-you for the puzzle.
13/Apr/11 8:01 AM
Part of step 4 seems awry:
MFSF(6)cfBh278,c5=f4 => b4,e5<>6 should be

MFSF(6)cfBh8r78,c5=f4 => b4,e5<>6
13/Apr/11 8:08 AM
It took me a little over half an hour to get there, but get there I did.
13/Apr/11 8:43 AM
hi everyone
just sayy hello as i am new here..
13/Apr/11 5:38 PM
Hello Rossie - I just left a welcome message on your own page.
13/Apr/11 7:51 PM
1. Unique possibilities to 27.Note h56=69;fg3=59.
2. If i2=1=b4;row 6 is devoid of 1.So i2=27.
3. If e8=9=h6,h5=6,f35=59,fghi6=1278;a8 has no candidate.So e8<>9.
4. If f8=9,f3=5,f5=6=h6,a6=3,i6=1=b4,(di2=27),a2=9,b2=6,f1=3;e2 has no candidate.So a8=9.UP81.
13/Apr/11 11:44 PM
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