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Tough Sudoku for 14/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Frosty car.
hearts = happy valentine's day?
8.23 and one (right) guess
13:36 Maen Time for the scraper...
Chilly is right, glad I'm not there.
5:49 Maen
Chilly Chilly Chilly ??????????
Nice floating red hearts of Valentine Day Wishes.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone .
Good mAen to all
I wish that I had the time to blog today's tough.
It sovles easily with (EITHER two hidden pairs and a locked candidate(2s) OR a naked pair and a hidden pair)
then a two string kite (on 4's) plus a Y wing style (vertex at d6=24).

This picture is the way it feels at my House!

Gath - Thanks for the hearts today!
It's chilly here, but I didn't have to scrape the windshield this morning. Just fluff off the snow with a brush. Great picture from an inventive photographer. Weather's begun to change already ... winds are kicking up and we're starting to get whiteouts. Nice to watch from inside.
May everyone's Valentine's Day be filled with much love.
about 15 mins after needing help getting it started. thanks to morgan for all the info from yesterday's puzzle! interesting jargon! i see that steve speaks the same language today!
17:22; you can say that again - brrrrr!
The falling hearts is a nice touch. Jinx, my pleasure, glad I could help. Puzzle fell apart on its own today. Except from a continuity standpoint, a 'proof' should be unnecessary. 24° and supposed to get some nasty stuff tonight and tomorrow. Stay warm, all!
Man I wish it was just chilly. It has been in the negatives the last few weeks with wind chill factors in the negative 30-40 range. That is more than chilly, its real cold.
Good afternoon to all! Same temperatures here Joe! It's da-n cold, and you would need to dig deeper into the ice to scatch that message on a windshield here in Ottawa!
It's 4:45 here now and blustery outdoors. Snow is falling almost horizontally now, the winds are so strong. So out I go, to brave the elements again and clear out the driveway so my husband can turn in. (And it's not even Valentine's Day yet ...)
It's 6:10pm here and we haven't gotten the snow yet. The front is moving over us but it's too cold and dry for the snow to come down. They say later it will start to snow and we're supposed to get 22 inches. I'll believe it when I see it!
It feels weird reading all your comments about the chill. I'm heading out to our farm to help hubby move cattle to a paddock with a spring. Our dams are all dry from the drought and the wind is not blowing to turn the windmills to pump water into the troughs. It's hot and sunny here.
This is one of my photos! It was submitted so long ago I assumed it hadn't made the grade ... just goes to prove the selection from the pool of available photos is totally random! It was taken at Easter when we were camping at Lake Windermere (near Rylstone NSW) just over the Great Dividing Range in 2005.
I don't suppose there's much camping going on in Canada right now (except by snowmen)!

Weather here is Sydney is a slightly overcast 25 degrees C. We need more rain like Monday's. Weather teased us with a downpour then sits there with cloudy skies and no rain. MORE!!!!!!! We need a week of gentle soaking rain from the Queenland border to Tasmania!
Recipe for Sheep's Heart, Stuffed and Roasted
Method: Soak the heart in salt and water for 1 hour. Remove the muscular wall dividing the cavities of the heart, also any gristle. Dry thoroughly and stuff with veal forcemeat. Tie a piece of paper over the open end to keep the stuffing in. Heat 2 More...
Love those hearts! Wish I could put them in my e-mails. Gath, how do you DO that????
Bizzare stuff on the windshield, never seen it here in South Florida. Baseball's spring training starts this week, as pitchers and catchers must report to camp by week's end. Todays was well over 80F, with thunderstorms over Lake O. The area has seen a big influx of Quebecois and folks from Ontario. Easy to spot them; they wear shorts when it is only 70!
happy valentines day all, clever hearts!!!
yes,easy i felt with this puzzle...the numbers just fell in to their place as expected...i enjoy doing such puzzle...have seen that kinda frost when in Boston and myself have scraped out some from the wind shield of our car..(but didnt dig doing it much)
I can see clearly now...
Good and challenging.
04/Jun/07 1:23 PM
Dec. 10, 2007.
11/Dec/07 6:53 AM

05/Sep/10 11:38 PM
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