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Tough Sudoku for 14/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Come on! How about a little privacy???
14/Feb/11 12:03 AM
Alternative to the SSTS/turbot,xy-wing path...
#0 Basics ; UP41
#1 m-wing(35) (3=5)b4 - b3=(5-3)g3=h2 => h4<>3 ; UP81
14/Feb/11 12:50 AM
1.SST to UP81 (FSF(5) + YW(236)g15h4)
14/Feb/11 12:50 AM
Geez, get a room!
14/Feb/11 1:20 AM
Same as peterj. It's good to see someone else using M-Wings.
14/Feb/11 1:32 AM

14/Feb/11 1:53 AM
Holy Moly!
14/Feb/11 2:13 AM
UK week's extreme #230 also simple:
1.SST to UP 42
2.(8=1)g7-d7=d9-(1=89)bc9 > -8a7h9 UP43
3.(8=2)a5-a3=df3-(29)e28=XW(8)eh28 > -8a8 UP81
14/Feb/11 2:33 AM
I guess they both have ugly faces
14/Feb/11 2:48 AM
14/Feb/11 2:58 AM

Just posted an alternative for yesterday tough.
14/Feb/11 3:19 AM
Right, Ray ... beats the old paper bag trick ...
14/Feb/11 4:19 AM

kobold: I also posted a longer path for tough Oct 04,2009 SE=8.5
14/Feb/11 4:59 AM
note, posted path for unsolved (eureka) Dec.25.09 SE=8.4. Very difficult to do w/o long forcing nets, had to use 2 krakens and 2 aic's.
14/Feb/11 10:51 AM
note, just posted solution for unsolved (on this site - haven't had a chance to look at ttt's path posted on UK-eureka forum) Jan.18.2010 SE=8.9. Complex, had to travel by kraken as chains lack force - still it solves in 4 clear steps.
15/Feb/11 9:22 AM
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