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Tough Sudoku for 14/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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They'd make that into a work of art around here!
(At least that seems to happen to most old tools & equipment I see!)
14/Feb/13 12:22 AM
Small rig drilling.
14/Feb/13 12:40 AM
#1. LS and LC; UP25
#2. Chain[10] : (9=5)d3-[(5=8)f1 and Loop[4]{(5=8)d9-8c9=(8-7)c8=(7#-5)h8=5h9}-(58=9)f9]-(7#89=14)fh4-(1=9)c4 :=> -9c3;UP81
14/Feb/13 1:15 AM
A longer path, with AICs.
0. Standard techniques UP 25
1. (3)e8=e7-b7=b1-(3=7)a3-(7=5)b2-b6=(5)e6 =>e8<>5
2. (3)e8=e7-b7=(3-6)b1=(6-1)a1=(1-8)d1=(8)d9 =>e8<>8; (e8=3) UP 31
3. (9=1)c4-(1=4)f4-(4=7)h4-(7=5)h8-h9=d9-(5=9)d3 =>c3<>9 UP 81
14/Feb/13 2:48 AM
Easier than getting rid of the stuff, Shiela! Happens down here, too!
I agree Vici. Also I think it's one of Sue's photos!
14/Feb/13 8:55 AM
26 (4)e23=>e456<>4=>(47)e23=>e2<>589=>(19)ad2=>d2<>58=>(8)df1=>g i1<>8
b7=2=>{[a8=3=>e7=3=>f7=1=>(f8=2=>&f9=9)]&[b1=3=>g3=3=>g1=7=>i1=5=>(f5=5&b 2=5=>c5=5)]}=>b7<>2
30 More...
14/Feb/13 12:34 PM
whut part of Texas is that grasshopper frum?
14/Feb/13 1:55 PM
1. Note e23=47,cd3=59.Unique possibilities to 25.
2. Whether h8=5,c8=7,c9=8,d9=5;OR h9=5,d9=8=f1,c9=7=h8,f9=9,fh4=14,c4=9;d3=9.UP81.
14/Feb/13 7:52 PM
I wonder if it could get a new life as a power generator? 'Rig' it to work somehow like a water wheel or windmill? Or something?
15/Feb/13 11:54 AM
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