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Tough Sudoku for 14/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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So what altitude is it?
(For a minute, I thought it said 'attitude'! )
14/Mar/09 12:06 AM
Ah Shiela, take a really good look at the picture.. you can see the altitude.(1913 meters) Well one of my picture..Montenver is overlooking the legendary Mer de Glace which is one of the longest living glacier in the Alps region.
14/Mar/09 12:41 AM
Too early! I plead too early!!! ...& not enough sleep!!!
Not enough coffee!!!
(Thought it was the year it was discovered!!!)
14/Mar/09 12:57 AM
Will be going through the Alps by train in Sept/Oct.
Wonder if I'll see it? (Have to get a map out!)
14/Mar/09 1:00 AM
Very interest picture.
have3 a very nice time all of you.
14/Mar/09 1:28 AM
Did you tour the ice caves, Appy? Amazing!
14/Mar/09 2:46 AM
I loved Chamonix--had a wonderful meal at an outdoor cafe, where we cooked our food on a hot stone, drank wine and watched the hang-gliders. (And don't even get me started on Megeve--fabulous!)
14/Mar/09 2:52 AM
14/Mar/09 3:49 AM
I love hearing about everyone's travels!
14/Mar/09 4:17 AM
Now I would love to see the Alps someday! Thank you!
14/Mar/09 4:51 AM
Hey, Debby, let's plan a trip!
14/Mar/09 4:58 AM
Pretty hard slog today:
1. Unique possibilities:e2=8,a2=1=i7,e7=6,f9=3 (UP 28).Note pairs:16 at g45;23 at h3/i1.
2. When g8=5,b7=5=a1,c1=6=d6,f7=8=d5 and left middle box is devoid of 8.So g8=7=i2 (UP 30).
3. If d6=6,d4=1/2.If c6=6,e4=1 (because e3=1 leads to central box having no space for More...
14/Mar/09 5:49 AM
14/Mar/09 6:47 AM
Start at 23 – given puzzle, basic techniques UP28
01: Look at AUR(16)dg45 => (6)d6=(1)e4
(8)d9=(8)d6-(6)d6=(1)e4-(hp16=2)dg4-(2=7)d1 => d9<>27 (extended chain)
02: (8)b7=(8)f7-(8)d9=(8-6)d6=(6)c6-(6)c1=(6-5)a1=(5)b1 => b7<>5, UP33
03: XY-wing (82)i8, (25)e8, (58)d9 More...
14/Mar/09 2:32 PM
13:43 Pretty slow today.
14/Mar/09 3:04 PM
Another alternative;
1)Start at 23,=>UP=28
3)Loop:(1 27=6)d134-(6=1)g4-(1)g5=(1)d5,=>d59<>27,d6<>7,b4<>6.UP=35
4)YW-style:(9)b8=(9- More...
14/Mar/09 5:47 PM
Sorry,step 2,=>b4<>6 to read a4<>6
14/Mar/09 5:51 PM

09/Sep/10 9:26 PM
1.SSTS to UP=28
2.kraken box(2)a45c5 => a45c5<>6, UP=81

10/Jan/11 4:47 PM
10/Jan/11 5:07 PM
1.SSTS to UP=28
2.kraken box(2)a45c5 => a45c5<>6, STTE
10/Jan/11 5:13 PM
1.SSTS to UP=28
2.kraken box(2)a45c5 => a45c5<>6, UP=81
| |
10/Jan/11 5:15 PM
time to get some sleep!
10/Jan/11 5:16 PM
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