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Tough Sudoku for 15/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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4d2 + NP(48)f45 -> 0 solution; d2=5 and stte
15/Jul/17 4:37 AM
I must go learn more about this. Are there little holes next to each name?
15/Jul/17 5:00 AM
Ah, no, now I see the flowers are stuck into spaces between the panels.
15/Jul/17 5:03 AM
Important history Remembrance and Reflection time at Australia War Memorial Canberra!
Great photo Kate
15/Jul/17 7:34 AM
Very moving, especially with all the poppies attached.
15/Jul/17 7:58 AM
15/Jul/17 2:17 PM
4d2 + NP(48)f45 -> 0 solution; d2=5 and stte gives for example :
5 singles
NP(39)f89; 7 singles
1-Fishes{4Boxe2, 6Boxe8, 8Boxb2}; 1 single
no N>1-Fish for the digits 1, 4, 6, 7 & 9
2-Fish{3a489, 3bcg7}

1. [1e5=(1-7)e6=(7-2)c6=*2-Fish(2c5*.b6, 2be8)]-(2=1)e5
2. More...
15/Jul/17 9:39 PM
Long (krakenless) path
(SE 7.2) Basics to 35
// SS(3)g7=bc7-a89=a4 =>-3g4
1. (256=3)e289-e1=gi1-h23=h8-(39=6)af8-abc9=(6)e9 =>-6e8; basics to 36
2. (2)b8=e8-(25=4)d27-h2=h8-i9=(4)bc9 =>-4b8
3. (6=93)af8-(3=4)h8-h2=d2-(549=6)d124 =>-6a4
4. More...
16/Jul/17 8:32 AM
Another long path:
2)(6=93)af8-(3=4)h8-h2=(4-5)d2-(5=2)d7=(2)e8,=>e8<> 6
4)(8)a9=a6-(8=4)f6-b6=b89-(4=8)c9=>b6 More...
16/Jul/17 10:19 PM
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