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Tough Sudoku for 16/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Another excellent photo Fi.
8:59 Maen
11:52 Speedy times from the rest of you--wow! Have a great day, everyone!
Good mAen! No monster in this loch?
Beautiful shot. I love the lighting.
Beautiful Pict!!! Love the cloud formation with the colors!

Good Maen!
would there be a loch monster under the midnight sun?
Much simpler than the last few days:

1) Start 23, Unique Possibilities to (UP) 28.
2) Locked 2s at def2 forbid de1=2, ef3=2.
3) Hidden pair 12 at gh3 forbids g3=8, h3=8, g1=2, h1=2.
4) b7=8 == b1=8 -- g1=8 == g8=8 forbids a8=8. UP 81.
After the last horrors this one was a doddle!! Came to the same conclusion as you Clark.
Very nice picture Fi!
15:52 Much easier today.
This picture has to find it's way to the hard jigsaw puzzle. What great colors.
Beautiful picture - too early for a wee dram or is it coffee time?
Jeb: I agree with you.
forgot to set timer! G'mAen, all. I, too, think it would be great over on jigsaw.
Good mAen to all! Had problems with this puzzle, and made errors. Glad I finished, A beautiful picture Fi if it is yours!! That would be nice mounted on my dining room wall, just like a few of Anne's Peru pictures.!

I'm better at this when I'm on vacation.
I had a tough time with this one - several mistakes! Glad for the check moves option!

Beautiful picture - somewhere else I'll probably never see in person! :(
Or at Clarke's step 4: g8=8==g1=8--b1=8==b7=8 forbids i7=8 UP 81
A similar chain will forbid b1=8 . Is this an example of a 'wrap around chain?'
Beautiful photo!
Hi Everyone,

I have been beaverin' away on the crossword site, and there are now Cryptic Crosswords, as well as the normal ones.

Check it out at:


That is not an example of a wraparound chain. That step establishes that g8=8 or b7=8 (g8=8 == b7=8). For it to be a wraparound chain, you have to show independantly that g8=8 and b7=8 cannot both be true (g8=8 -- b7=8). The standard chain A == B -- C == D establishes A == D. If More...
Thanks for this Clark. Always grateful for the help of those who are a bit further along the pathway.
yup,finished..thought it was a easy one and started..then saw the real color..gave some real test to the brain..but must admit that enjoyed doing it and what a reward..fi's pic of a scottish beaut..lovely colors and lighting..
7;10 after setup.
uniquenss of the pair 39 in a square and a x-wing in 2,s led straight to solution.Nice picture!
Sept. 25, 2007.
25/Sep/07 10:39 PM

05/Sep/10 9:33 PM
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