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Tough Sudoku for 17/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Drat! I hate it when I forget to set the timer!
17/Mar/19 2:41 AM
Basics to 29
1.Sue de Coq 13459 [a8,c8,b9,i8]=>d8<>4 [d8f8]<>5
=>h7=7 g8=1 Basics to 48
2. if b4=7 => UR 15 ac47 => b6=7 solve
17/Mar/19 2:50 AM
Emily is enjoying the big waves. Always fun no matter what the age!
17/Mar/19 5:29 AM
Not so easy... (S.E. 8.4)
Basics to 29
1. (4)i8=h9-e9=e2 =>-4i2
2. (5)e9=(5-7)e1=h1-h7=(27)df7 =>-5df7
3. (45=7)e19-h1=h7-(27=4)df7 =>-4d8
4. (1)f2=a2-(1=3)a8-b9=(3)f9 =>-3f2
5. (8)i3=(8-3)i2=(3-4)d2=e2-(4=5)e9-h9=(5)i8 =>-5i3
6. More...
17/Mar/19 11:01 AM
Serban, I do not follow your Sue de Coq. You have five candidates (13459) to allocate to just four cells (a8, c8, b9, i8). Don't you need just four candidates to allocate to these four cells?
17/Mar/19 1:16 PM
Error 'Sue de Coq'correction
1. X-chain x=4 => [d3,i2]<>4
if d8=4 OR d8=5 OR f8=5 => h7=1 g8=7
if d8=4=> e1=g1=7
if f8=5 => b5=c4=0
if d8=5 =>b1=c5=f7=0 => h7=7
Basics to 48
2.if b4=8 => UR 15 ac47 if b4=7 =>c5=h4=0
b6=7 OR b4=1 solve
17/Mar/19 10:35 PM
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