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Tough Sudoku for 17/July/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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There's been a lot of Keyan Bowes photos. Is this person a regular on here posting under another name, perhaps? Always something different.
6:19 Solved the puzzle no problem, but after the congratulations box came up, I couldn't click on OK enough times to get rid of it. It just kept coming back. Had to end task the window and reload the page from explorer. Anyone else have that problem?
Keyan Bowes is on this site once in awhile. I've seen the name in comments before.
Another from the well-travelled Keyan, keep 'em coming!
I had no problem with the box. Very odd.
Where was I when Keyan was in Versailles?
ah ha what a way to end my day..wonderful..a methodical solving that got over within 10 minutes to reveal a beautiful chandelier pic..
good night all
Lo sudokuland, slow but methodical got there in the end. Remember Versailles well, used to work in Paris many years ago.
not too bad today, unlike yesterday. Spent an hour yesterday and then found a mistake - arrgh. Maybe I'll try again today....
Agree with you, Anne. Must be incognito. G'day :)
15.02 Unlike my post on Easy this morning, it is now hot & humid again. Just spent 3 1/2 hrs watering the plants outside.
'The good things that come to those who wait are the things those who got there first didn't want'
1) hidden pair 37 at hi2 forbids h2=8 and i2=29 UP30
2) triple 269 (d2=269, e2=29, f2=69) forbids e2=29 and f2=69
3)naked pair 45 at c79 forbids a89=45,f89=5,c4=45,c6=5 UP39
4) Ywing(c7=54, g9=14, h7=15) forbids c9=4 UP41
5) locked 9s at e46 forbids d46=9 and f456=9
5) i5=9==i5=5--b5=5==b4=5--b4=8==f4=8--f4=4==f8=4--g8=4==g8=2-- g1=2==g1=9 forbids g4=9 UP81
Maen, all, and Hello.

I do the Tough and the Hard sudoku, but don't often comment because I'm usually very late.

Today's Tough seemed easier than usual.

I uploaded a whole bunch of my favorite pix, all to the Tough section, and I guess they're all showing up, hence the sense of ubiquity. Also - I sign my pictures, which most people don't seem to do.

Angie... I have that problem often, thought it was just my computer

Keyan.. keep the pictures coming!!
Never had problem with congrats box...maybe it is the computer not the program. Where ya' been, Gigi? Lost you for a few days there it seems. Keyan, thought tough was easier than hard today also. You say you are from Earth...could you be a bit more specific? Hemisphere, if not willing to disclose country would be appreciated.....
to Miko

how so ...f4=4==f8=4... in your chain, since
it's only a weak link in the column. Makes me imagine you guess, find a contradiction and then
try to fit a forbidding chain around the result.

forbidding chains are not first class citizens on the Sudoku detective squad if they do their work after the culprit has been sentenced and hanged!

Good mAen
11:52 Maen
The excesses of the Versailles era...
Straight up to an advanced stage!then more easy for me to checqe to exclude!
I need to work the sudoku on paper so download and print them. I find that it makes a big difference in what order the numbers are played. I start with the number of which there is the most.
Hi, Pat from Milwaukee
I did the puzzle again and found out you were right! f4=4 and f8-4 is only a weak set. My mistake was probably at the step 3), where I filled in two cells incorrectly (UP should have been 37 instead of 39 as I'd posted), making that set strong. So the case is this detective's errouneous ground work resulting in an invalid fs. Sorry.
Since I was not doing sudoku for a while, I have decided to try a few from the archives:
Here is a proof to this puzzle:
1) Start at 23 filled - the given puzzle. UP to 27. (Unique Possibilities).
2) Pair 29 at gi1 forbids c1e1g3i2=2 and e1f1i2=9 UP 37
3a) Locked 9's at ab9 forbids More...
eclu pgaw ljcyenmvk ulqnawje lsktvw upwq suidrt
23/May/07 6:04 PM
lkgjysq dqlwkrum gcfzjxylv skpwudyr ckgmveb urwojbagq sanoxvhbw http://www.klosyarj.msneqxgk.com
23/May/07 6:05 PM
Aug. 24, 2007.
25/Aug/07 3:36 AM

05/Sep/10 9:20 PM
14/Nov/19 3:42 PM
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