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Tough Sudoku for 18/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I am glad to see that communities are getting creative with those (often ugly) barriers!
18/Jul/14 12:16 AM
SE=7.2 UP to 34
1)H-Wing:(6=5)a8=(1-6)f8-f1=(1)a1 => a1<>5 UP=40
2)(-3)f1=(3=6)f4=(6)f8-i8=(6=3)i5=(3)i2 => de2,h1<>3 UP=81
18/Jul/14 1:28 AM
A great way to celebrate the local lizard fauna!
18/Jul/14 1:36 AM
Guess the barriers are a necessity for blocking the road noise. Good idea for artists to paint appropriate nature creations . Wilodene.
18/Jul/14 2:17 AM
X-94 (July 16, solved by cenoman; with a break on some of the chains which are
patterns, it's a 7.0 point path)
only 2 chaining steps needed with SIS from step 1 used in step 2; and patterns.
-------------- prefix definitions ------
HW = h-wing
SS = x-chain
LW = l-wing
XW = More...
18/Jul/14 2:52 AM
X-96: Symmetry=AntiDiagonal, Start=26, SSTS=31, SG=18.5, SE=9.0
18/Jul/14 3:16 AM
Seems you're as taken by that area as I am.
18/Jul/14 3:51 AM
possible solution for X-95 ***
--------- ----------------------------------

// YW(36.8)dc1,e3; -8abc3

1. (357=9)g79h8* - c8=(9-1)c9=h9 # -(357)h9
ext. (9)h8* - More...
18/Jul/14 3:56 AM
I lived in Arizona for three years and loved it. It is one of the places I would return to if given the opportunity.
18/Jul/14 4:36 AM
Traveling at night is much easier with these barriers preventing the glaring oncoming headlights, too.
18/Jul/14 4:43 AM
Hello everyone!
Thanks Wilodene!
They're building tunnels & flyways over our freeways to safeguard the local wild life!
18/Jul/14 9:26 AM
(28) 13@c79=>ca8<>1
(29) 9@i89=>i5<>9
(32) 57@de6=>e6<>2
(35) 5?@a1=>f1=1=>f8=6=>a8={}=>a1<>5
(37) 46@g23=>g4<>4=>4@ghi6=>c6<>4
(41) More...
18/Jul/14 9:30 AM
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