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Tough Sudoku for 19/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Ooooohhhh ... wonderful! Just let me tie this fly on my line ...
19/Jun/10 1:02 AM
9:56 Maen! That was an easy tough, and I should have been quicker. Gorgeous lake -- looks like a great place for a kayak!
19/Jun/10 1:07 AM
1) 6 conjugate ALS-Wing
(6)e4=(138)ghi4 & (6)e6=(238)abc6 => i6,a4<>38
Also (6)e4=(4)e1 & (6)e6=(15)e79 => e1<>1 UP=53
2) 7 color wing(di1-ei6) UP=81
19/Jun/10 1:27 AM
9:56 tp you all from Portland, Oregon. This was a great exercise in coloring.

coloring bivalued cells with 7s:
e3-e6+d5-h5+h3 =>h3,e3<>7. UP81.
19/Jun/10 1:40 AM
1.UP=53! (note 2 (14) HP's one sharing (15) HP in Box b5 => c7=4, c5=1.
2.PL(7)e6=i6-h5=h3-e3=e6 => (7)e6 UP=81.

19/Jun/10 1:45 AM

Hi farpoinnter,
2)(7)e6=i6- are not necessary,
19/Jun/10 1:57 AM
Beautiful, Wendy! Have a great weekend, everyone.
19/Jun/10 1:57 AM
19/Jun/10 2:03 AM
alternatively UP=25
2. Kraken Column (5)b579 => b79=1
(5)b5-(1)b5=b79. UP=53.
19/Jun/10 2:11 AM
the Kraken hunt was disappointing today, one pup which I had to return.
19/Jun/10 2:21 AM
19/Jun/10 3:47 AM
Nice crystal-clear water. Look liked it would be spring fed.
19/Jun/10 4:52 AM
1. Note triple 145 at c578.Unique possibilities to 53.
2. If h3=7=d5;column e is devoid of 7.So h3=2.UP81.
19/Jun/10 6:58 AM
Love the reflection.
19/Jun/10 7:10 AM
21:01, easy but slow as I had a number of interruptions along the way.
19/Jun/10 10:48 AM
15:09 It took me a second to realise it was a reflection. Beautiful photo, Wendy!
19/Jun/10 1:58 PM
I know spotting AURs is not a best practice, but after applying basic techniques to UP 53, I considered (79) at 3ei and 6ei to be an AUR. I eliminated (79) as candidates for 3i, and therefore could not find a solution. In fact, there is a 7 in 3i. Yet, just because this 7 sets up a UR, there are not two solutions to this puzzle. That makes me hesitate to ever look for AURs again.
03/Jul/10 8:08 AM
Never mind my previous posting. I read the blog tip on AURs a little more carefully, and I realize that 3ei and 6ei would not form a UR
04/Jul/10 7:14 AM

10/Sep/10 9:59 PM
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