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Tough Sudoku for 2/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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No idea!
02/Jan/08 12:45 AM
underwater shot?
02/Jan/08 2:00 AM
02/Jan/08 2:27 AM
02/Jan/08 3:20 AM
Hermit Crab?
02/Jan/08 3:49 AM
Isn't it one of the olives?
02/Jan/08 4:44 AM

I would have to agree with "bd". I think it is a hermit crab.
02/Jan/08 4:50 AM
It's a freshwater Rhinocerous.
02/Jan/08 6:29 AM
This was too tough for me. At about UP30 I spotted a shortish chain forbidding 7 from a9, but couldn't make any further progress. Try as I may I had to bail out by guessing. All the obvious attempts at locating a forbidding chain lead to two 3s in the middle left box, but only after 20+ moves, so can't call that any kind of a solution.
02/Jan/08 6:33 AM
I finally had to guess between 4/5 in the middle box.

As to the photo, my uneducated guess is a cowry.
02/Jan/08 7:15 AM
Jyrji:My thoughts exactly had to do some wild guessing walked away for a while then came back to see if the brain was working any better.[sigh its not]
02/Jan/08 9:30 AM
It is definitely not a cowrie , they are shiny - except when the shell is concealed by the mantle, which is normally at night. That shell looks like it might be a member of the Frog shell family (Bursidae). Whatever it is, I don't think it is live. It looks well worn and might be inhabited by a Hermit crab.
There is not really enough information to make a positive identification.
02/Jan/08 10:06 AM
First time finishing a tough without guessing. First completed tough was last month.
02/Jan/08 10:50 AM
1) Start 22, Unique Possibilities to (UP) 27.
2) e6=4 == g6=4 -- h4=4 == h7=4 forbids e7=4.
3) e6=4 == g6=4 -- h4=4 == h7=4 -- b7=4 == b8=4 forbids e8=4.
4) Locked 4s at ef9 forbid g9=4. UP 30.
5) Naked pair 16 at hi2 forbids g2=6, g3=6, h3=16, i3=16, e2=16, f2=16. UP 33.
6) The More...
02/Jan/08 11:34 AM
Is this a small critter? It looks like what we call a mudbug here that inhabits the shoreline.
02/Jan/08 11:40 AM


I solved this one by starting with Hidden Pair 28 (g23), which forbid g2=46; g3=567. Thus, i1=4. The rest of the puzzle required no chaining, xy-wings or anything more difficult than Naked Pairs, Hidden Pairs or Locked Candidates. Did I do something wrong and was just lucky More...
02/Jan/08 12:05 PM
I gave up! Happy New Year, everyone!
02/Jan/08 12:05 PM
Don't bother, Clark. I think I've answered my own question by printing another puzzle and starting all over. After HP 28 (g23) and Unique Rectangle C2=23; C3=289; g2=28; g3=38, thus c3=9, I've stalled at UP 32 and will have to dig deeper. If I run into trouble, I'll use your solution to learn. Thanks for the post. I'm always happy to learn from you.
02/Jan/08 1:01 PM
Maen. 9.51
02/Jan/08 1:58 PM
I grew up in Oregon on the coast, and I've been in California for many years. This is definitely a hermit crab. Enjoy for this new year! I'll see Australia soon....
02/Jan/08 2:00 PM
The shape of this shell suggests that it is either a volute or a miter shell ... just don't ask me the specifics!

I found this puzzle difficult.
02/Jan/08 2:27 PM
9:53 - maybe I was lucky but I didn't have any problems with this one!

I'm not sure what the shell is, but it definitely doesn't have it's original inhabitant. Those bits sticking out belong to a hermit crab.
02/Jan/08 4:46 PM
8:08 Very fast for me. I made up for being so slow on the "hard" one.
02/Jan/08 5:54 PM
10.57 Hermit crab would be my answer too.
02/Jan/08 6:35 PM
Looks like a hermit crab to me too.
They can inhabit any shell - not sure what this shell is.
Forgot to set timer on puzzle - took too long - gave up and cheated just to see picture!
02/Jan/08 7:01 PM
A long time since I have had the time to tackle a tough.

Like Joanne, I found that the key to this one was initially in the bottom 3 blocks. Along with the 28 in g23, The 6 1 3 9 in R1 force a quadruple in Be2 leaving us with 78 in de1.

At 30 I forced a rather long chain around 36 More...
02/Jan/08 11:28 PM
good maeN all, had to guess to solve.

we called them sand crabs i think. are you going to tell us?
03/Jan/08 12:20 PM

1)Start at 22,basic techniques to UP=31
4)(5=6)f5-(6 =3)h5-(3=4)h4-(4=5)f4,=>ei5<>6,h7<>3,eg5<>4
5)(8=2)a8-(2=3)e8-(3=78)ce4,=>a 4<8
7)(9)i5=i8-d8=(9-2)d7=b7-(2=5)b6-g6=(5)g4 ,=>g4<>9.UP=81
19/May/10 8:07 AM

07/Sep/10 10:33 PM
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