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Tough Sudoku for 2/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/Feb/11 12:11 AM
Beautiful color! If I'd only known! All I have are white Bridal Veil Spirea!
02/Feb/11 12:15 AM
Very pretty! Have a grea day everyone!
02/Feb/11 12:27 AM
Yep - me too, Shiela - only white spirea...never seen this color before.
02/Feb/11 12:29 AM
Las flores muy bonitas!
02/Feb/11 1:27 AM
1) FSF(7)ceh248,c3 = (7-2)e1 = e89 - (2=1)f9 - f8 = (1-9)c8 = (9-7)h8 = (7)h2 => a2<>7; SSTSTE

Just for fun...

Could get the same elimination doing something absurd like:

FinnedSquirmbag(7)adefg13678,c3 = (241)efg8 - (1=2)f1 - e89 = (2-7)e1 = FinnedSwordFish(7)ceh248,c3
02/Feb/11 2:08 AM
1. SST to UP29.
2. (6=4)b1-b2=de2-f13=(4-1)f8=(1-9)c8=(9-7)h8=(7-6)h2=h4 > -6b4; UP39.
3. kraken column (7)e148 > -7g3; UP81.
02/Feb/11 3:12 AM
couldn't do it with one AIC, UP29
1.(6)h4=(368')b246-(4)b2=XW:de24-(4=27)eg8-(7)h8=h2 > -6h2, UP39
2.(7)a6=f6-e4=(27')e18-(4=27)eg8-(7)h8=h2 > -7a2, STE
loopy stuff.
tx for example of FSF bool in AIC Steve.
02/Feb/11 3:55 AM

1)SSTS toUP=29
3)(4)b1=(4-6)f1=f 3-g3=g5-(6=3)c5-b6=(3)b2,=>b2<>4.UP=81
02/Feb/11 4:36 AM
a kraken ko possibility: note aur(45)de24:(5)f6=(4)b2
1.K cell:e4 > {(6)g3=SF(6)acg259}

> -6ac3|g1|h2 -5d4 -4e12, STE
02/Feb/11 4:47 AM

Short path for step 3:
1)SSTS toUP=29
3)(4=6)b1-b4=h4-h 2=(6)abc2,=>b1<>6.UP=81
02/Feb/11 5:01 AM
Did it with only one statistical guess.
Luck, but with the odds maximised in my favour !
02/Feb/11 5:37 AM
Have use the this and pink to violet even rose in floral arrangements. It is woody.
02/Feb/11 6:13 AM
Enjoying all the flowers today.
02/Feb/11 9:14 AM
very nice chain, Steve.
02/Feb/11 4:45 PM
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