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Tough Sudoku for 2/July/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I saw someone put a deer in one of those one time at a highway rest stop after they'd hit it and after they took a few steaks off of it! Yuuuuuuuk! Don't think I'd like to have had the job of cleaning out that dumpster!
02/Jul/10 12:07 AM
If g5=7, c4=7, h4=2, g7=2, c7=8, a3=8, e2=8, d6=8 {no 8 in Col G}, therefore g5=8. UP81 {during which 5 is eliminated from e5 because of AUR at e67f67}
02/Jul/10 1:11 AM
Alternate proof:

g5=78; if g5=7, c4=7, h4=2, g7=2, c7=8; and if g5=8, i8=8, c7=8. Therefore c7=8, UP 81
02/Jul/10 1:53 AM
I can’t cure my sudoku addicted, but have not much time: real life and WC2010 is going...
It seems that: too many solutions on the using Kraken here, WHY...? You could solve the tough on using Krakens by yourself, but DON’T misuse them to post your solution here...
IMO, the simply More...
02/Jul/10 2:29 AM
I was jogging in the hills once and came across a pile of salmon carcasses. It looked as if someone had been poaching and dumped what they couldn't eat off the road. It was a smelly mess.

I thought this was pretty tough. Took me about 40 minutes.

Rich, I agree that c7=8, but that got me only to UP43, with still a lot left to be done especially in the central 3x3.
02/Jul/10 2:54 AM
02/Jul/10 2:55 AM
Why "No fish"? Is it because they smell bad after three days ... like company?
02/Jul/10 3:01 AM
Or it could be a sign from our friends in the Gulf of Mexico, sad to say!
02/Jul/10 3:27 AM
Jiminoregon, you are right. e7 has a 4 that I mistakenly eliminated. c7=8 gets only to UP43
02/Jul/10 3:57 AM
The best I can do:

(1)g5=78; if g5=7, c4=7, h4=2, g7=2, c7=8; and if g5=8, i8=8, c7=8. Therefore c7=8 UP=43
(2)If c2=6, then a1=3, f1=2, f9=7, h9=4, h7=1, e7=4, e1=1, d8=1, f2=5, d9=9 {two 3's in Col D}, therefore c2=3 UP81
02/Jul/10 4:41 AM
Perhaps a sudoku hang-over for me: Could not seem to think clearly enough to dispatch this puzzle with the ease it probably deserves:
1) Start 22 UP 26 SSTS
2) (8=7)g5 - c5 = (7-2)c4 = h4 - g6 = (2)g7 => g7<>8; UP 43; XYWing (63)c2,(31)a1,(16)a9 => a9<>6; UP 45
3) More...
02/Jul/10 6:00 AM
ttt - it is very nice to hear from you!
I agree that the krakens have become almost too popular.

02/Jul/10 6:06 AM
Slow today, 34:31.
02/Jul/10 6:34 AM
Hi ttt and Steve,
I agree with you about the Krakens, but I'll go one step forward. IMO the name Kraken suffers from overuse abuse. It is used to describe too many different things.
02/Jul/10 9:25 AM
I posted a short solution to yesterday's. There's gotta be something wrong with it?

I'd appreciate anybody checking.

Hi and regards to all.
02/Jul/10 2:55 PM

10/Sep/10 10:58 PM
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