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Tough Sudoku for 20/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Up where my oldest daughter lives. A spectacular part of our lovely state.
20/May/12 12:24 AM
Do you go there by rail?
20/May/12 12:48 AM
SSTS to UP=23
2)XW(2)ad25,=>bef2bf5<& gt;2
4)(5=8)b2-f2=f1-(8=6)g1-g6=(6-8)c6=(8)b6,=&g t;b2<>8
20/May/12 1:30 AM
1. Unique possibilities 23.
2. Whether i6=5,f6=2;OR h4=5,gh1=68,g37=79;g4=2.UP24.
3. If b5=2=a2;column d is devoid of 2.So b5=47.UP29.
4. Whether c7=7;OR c7=4,c9=8,c6=6,g6=7;g7=9.UP30.
5. Whether b6=8,c6=6;OR b6=2=a2,ac3=67,g3=8;g6=7.UP81.
20/May/12 1:39 AM
Site Puzzle
#1 s-wing(56) (6)g6=g3-(6=5)h1-h4=i6 .. -(5=2)f6 ; i6<>6, g6<>2
// x-wing(2)ad/25 ; b25<>2, e2<>2, f25<>2
#2 (6)c6=(6-7)g6=x-wing(7)cg/37-(7)a3=w-wing(68)a3,c6,b123b6 ; a5<>6
20/May/12 2:03 AM
Love the photo, Anne. Especially with the rail tracks.
20/May/12 3:29 AM
Great photo, Anne, thanks!!
20/May/12 7:07 AM
No, Shiela. Those rails are for the iron ore trains, taking the ore to the port for shipment overseas.
20/May/12 12:46 PM
I must have hit on the key early on in this one, since I needed no solving techniques at all. It was all clerical work after filling in the possibilities.
20/May/12 4:37 PM
20/May/12 11:39 PM
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