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Tough Sudoku for 22/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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22/Sep/14 12:31 AM
SE=6.8 UP to 36
1)2-Chain Logic:(5)a8=(24)a23 or (5)b8=(2)b5=(4)b6 => b2<>24,a56<>2 UP=81
22/Sep/14 12:36 AM
uneasy truce JC, 'w/o UR' confused since no UR SIS used in my path for site puzzle Sep 20; all the same,
'c8=8 => contradiction' isn't by any stretch a step in a path.
22/Sep/14 1:02 AM
Y-10 unsolved - a path a..z:

1. SIS: (57)ac6=WW(31)a6*,d4/(1)g46 - (3)f6=f7-(357=4)ab7b8-a5=(24')c45 # -5c5
(7-2)h4=c4 # +(24)c4
// SS(3)cd9.db4; -3b7
// YW(15.7)a53,c6; -7a6
// xy: (6=9)h1-e1=(9-1)e8=(1-6)e5=f6 # -6h6.f1
22/Sep/14 1:06 AM
typo step 1: ...(7)h8-(7=64)gi9... not ci9
22/Sep/14 1:11 AM
Y-11: Symmetry=None, Start=25, SSTS=28, SG=11.25, SE=8.6

SG did this with 10 AIC, too long (2 chaining steps, 0 patterns).
22/Sep/14 2:25 AM
Are these blue swimmers a type of crab? Sorry Kate, but I haven't seen this type before.
22/Sep/14 3:07 AM
They are a crab jacalmi. I once saw whole lot of them walking on the sand. It was quite a sight as the blue was so prominent.
22/Sep/14 3:45 AM

1. You missed to mention one last step in your solution for site puzzle Sep 20 :

Either UR(27)ei13=3i1, or [(9=2)a2-(2=4)c1-4c3=4h3-(4=9)h7]-(9=2)a7

2. I note that you don't see the relations between our 2 solutions for that puzzle.

A word to the wise is enough!

22/Sep/14 3:58 AM
JC - a rebut:
i) c8=8 depth 27 net => contradiction (in other words blatant trial and error, not a chain)

ii) you are right that the path is incomplete, (cut & paste error)

iii) you didn't post a solution - to what do I relate ?

'Le bon Dieu est dans le détail'
22/Sep/14 5:11 AM
Like Bud's:
1. Note e2f3=24,ghi7=247.Unique possibilities to 36.
2. Whether a8=5;OR b8=5,b56=24;a23=24.UP81.
22/Sep/14 5:50 AM
479@g467=>g39<>9=>9@h89=>h5<>9=>9@ac5=>c4<>9 5@de4=>c4<>5 3@hi4=>c4<>3
22/Sep/14 10:18 AM
Blue crabs are local around here, too. The blue turns red when cooked.
22/Sep/14 6:21 PM
Maryland is for Crabs is the state slogan. See Kathy from Maryland's page for an invitation to eat her local delicacy.
22/Sep/14 6:25 PM
Y-11, SE=8.6
2)(459=4)g6h46i456-(4)i2=hg1-(4=2)b1- a2=(2-9)a4=(9-5)h4=h6-(54=1)ef6,=>h4=459,gh6<>1
(4 More...
23/Sep/14 5:39 AM
Path to Y-11
Standard techniques UP to 28
1. (9)h4=(9-2)a4=b4-b1=(2-7)e1=h1-i2=(7-263)g8.i89=(3)g5 =>h4<>3 UP 31
2. Triple kraken
2a. Kraken cell (2456)b4 =>[2a2==2f7]=5b4
2b. Kraken cell More...
23/Sep/14 8:03 AM
Y-11 : 'Le bon Dieu est dans le détail' :

h4=9 -> e4=3, h6=5, ef6=14, gi6=68, i45=14, i2=7=e1; e5=5, d78=1; [(82=9)ie9-9d7=(9-8)g7=8a7]-(8=5)b9; a4=5 :=> a4=59; UP81
23/Sep/14 6:12 PM
My go at Y-11, making use of two Unresolvable Rectangles (URs).
1. Unique possibilities to 28.
2. Whether h4=9;OR a4=9,a2=2=i9,h1=7=i8,g8=6;h8=3.UP31.
3. If h4=9=g9,h6=5,ef6=14=i45,c5=8(to avoid 14UR@ci45),a3=8=b9,i2=7=c3,g7=8(to avoid 68UR@gi68),cg8=14;column d is devoid of 1.So a4=9.UP81.
23/Sep/14 9:22 PM
Forgot also d7=9 after h4=9 in step 3.
23/Sep/14 9:27 PM
so many different paths for Y-11, this is the two step path I found;
I wouldn't expect net solvers like JC and Alfred to find loops, but step 1 below simplifies the problem.

1. { (1468=7)i2456-h1=(7-2)e1=b1-a2=(2-9)a4=(9-68'')ai6=(68)g6 }
-1i89, -4i8, +(27)e1, -7a2, -2b2, +(29)a4, More...
25/Sep/14 5:50 AM
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