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Tough Sudoku for 23/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nice display, Wilodene!
23/Aug/14 12:06 AM
yesterday's puzzle still unsolved,
another tough one:
X-118 ***: Symmetry=None, Start=24, SSTS=32, SG=19.25, SE=8.5
23/Aug/14 1:31 AM
X-117 (unsolved)

1. DK: (137=4)ag7 - (4=2567)e237 # -2b6
[(2=5)c6 - (5=1)c3-f3=d2-(1=7)d7 - (37=*1)ag7-(1=25)b89]
[(6)i1=i7-(6=*257)e237] - (75')ei1=(5)bc1-a23=WW(25)b8,c6/(5)a4689*

2. [(9=5)g4-(5=*8)g3 - (378=2)g79i8-(2=5)b8-(5=9)b6] - (9=3)h6
(9)g3 - More...
23/Aug/14 1:38 AM
one might start yesterday's puzzle like this:

// SS(4)f35.g52; -4e2
1. (3)d9=c9-(137=2)c135 - SS(2)d57.ec8*=(569)cef8 # -9d9
2. aals[(5=3)a7-(139=*2)a136-e6=e7] - (5)e7=e3
(8)a6-f6=(8-4)f5=e4 # -4e3

no more krakens needed, takes a fair number of small steps to break it down.
23/Aug/14 1:45 AM
Peronsal stuff. Back to the salt mines after this. Appling to be AAAS policy fellow, working on climate change issues.
krakenless path
SE 7.2
#1) SSTS to UP29.
#2) cycle (5)d8=f9-f2=(5-6)i2=e2-d2=(6-5)d8 -> -2d8,-6e3i8,-39i2; UP30.
#3) (9)b2=HP(89)ab8-5a8=d8-(5=1)f9-b9=HP(39)a8b9 More...
23/Aug/14 2:05 AM
site puzzle (SG's path = 1.5 points)

1. (9)b2=b8-(139=6)ghi8 - (6)d8=d3-e2=(6-5)i2=f2 # -9fi2, -6i8
// xy: (1=5)f9 - (5)f2==(6)d8-e9=c9 # -1c9
// VW(13)b9,(36)e9.c97; -1c7
23/Aug/14 2:08 AM
Another beautiful Native photo. Wilodene.
23/Aug/14 3:07 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 27.
2. Whether d3=6=i2,f2=5;OR d8=6=g7,a7=9=b2;f6=9.UP32.
3. Whether f2=5=d8,d3=6;OR i2=5,e2=6;f8/i2=56.UP33.
4. Whether h4=3,h8=9;OR h4=7=e6,b69=13;a7=9.UP36.
5. Whether e9=6;OR e9=3,b9=1=e6,e4=7,h4=3=c2=g7,gi8=6;d8=5.UP81.
23/Aug/14 7:23 AM
Hello everyone!
Another wonderful photo & fun jigsaw, Wilodene!! Thanks!
23/Aug/14 8:01 AM
My step 4 is not necessary.
23/Aug/14 8:05 AM
(28) 9?@f2=>[b8=9=>g7=9&i2=5=>e2=6]
(33) 1@f79=>e9<>1
=>f9={} =>b6<>1
(45) 368@e279=>e8<>368
(46) More...
23/Aug/14 8:34 AM
Hi Alfred.
Yesterday's puzzle was solved after all. See comment for yesterday.
23/Aug/14 8:52 AM
Hi Les. I was mistaken yesterday about c9. Sorry about that. The rest of your logic checks out ok too.

Best Regards, Alfred.
23/Aug/14 1:14 PM
Hi Alfred.
Thanks for checking my long path.
Cheers Les
24/Aug/14 8:39 AM
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