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Tough Sudoku for 23/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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1. Note e48=34;hi2=59.Unique possibilities to 32.
2. f3=27 or else 59 Unresolvable Rectangle @ ef37.UP81.
23/Sep/16 12:23 AM
Hi Alfred,
Everything is told.
So, talking without saying anything, here is another path:
UP 34, kite (7)d4=b4-a6=a3 =>-7d3 UP 81

Alfred, UP 34 because after you get UP 32, note:
hidden pairs bc2=36, g12=27, hi1=14, hi2=59, f2=27
locked (5)@b89 =>-5b1 (a1=5)
locked (3)@de8 =>-3g8
locked (9)@ef3 =>-9a3 (a4=9)
Best regards, cenoman

23/Sep/16 1:29 AM
Kate for the pretty flower bud.
23/Sep/16 4:45 AM
#27 159@def7=>i7e8<>159 #28 34@e48=>e6<>3 #33 2@g12=>h2<>2 59@hi2=>f2<>59
59@def3=>a3<>59 27@a36=>a148<>27 #35 7?@b4=>ad3=7=>b4<>7
VHBC to #81
V:Only cell left in Vertical column for this More...
23/Sep/16 5:25 AM
Hi Cenoman.
Are u a Politician? They talk without saying anything. I agree UP 34.
I don't understand why 'kite (7)d4=b4-a6=a3 =>-7d3' isn't also considered to be a UP? Which would mean UP 81 applies to this puzzle.
Cheers Les
23/Sep/16 5:39 AM
Hi cenoman.Thanks for the explanation.
And Les, what cenoman means by 'everything is told', is 'UP81'.
23/Sep/16 6:22 AM
Hi Les,
I wish I were a politician. They talk without saying anything, but they are paid for that. I do it for free...
As regards the inclusion of the kite within the UP 81 of the puzzle, we might as well start a discussion on the gender of angels.
Some, as JC Van Hay on this site include More...
23/Sep/16 7:15 AM
Thanks Cenoman.
I agree a 'kite' should not be considered a Standard Technique but I am proposing it could be considered a Unique Possibility(UP). Is there a definition of an UP?
Cheers Les.
23/Sep/16 10:20 AM
I become aware of my confusion. In my mind UP is nothing else than the 'up' preposition. Maybe should I not write it in capital.
Otherwise, I don't know an 'official' definition of an Unique Possibility. There is no code nor standard for sudoku, only usage and consensus of players. As More...
23/Sep/16 11:11 PM
Hi Cenoman,
I suspect there isn't a right guy to resolve our confusion. But now I am in a position to better comprehend your post in future.
Thanks Les

24/Sep/16 7:01 AM
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