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Tough Sudoku for 25/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Basics to UP 50. Then relatively short chains forbid 4 from first i7 (go left and soon you see h8=i8=9 as a consequence) and then from c3 (quickly see that no room for 4 in the upper right).
25/Jan/10 1:00 AM
Beautiful landscape ... sad memories ...
25/Jan/10 1:19 AM
1. After b5=1,pair 58 at c45;Unique possibilities to 49.
2. If i2=3=c1;row 7 is devoid of 3.So i2=3.UP55.
3. If b1=9,b9=8=g7,g2=2.So ac2 is not 2;h1=39.
4. If h1=9,,h8=2,g2=2.Also h1=3,pair 28 at gi2,a3=8,c3=4,c7=2 makes g2=2.UP81.
25/Jan/10 1:25 AM
25/Jan/10 1:33 AM
Now a peaceful place.
25/Jan/10 1:36 AM
It is.
25/Jan/10 2:12 AM
25/Jan/10 3:43 AM
maen all! with fences like that its no wonder the japs pulled the great escape...of course after they got over the fence they were still in the middle of nowhere...
25/Jan/10 3:48 AM
Instead of my steps 2 and 3,it would be quicker to show:If g2=8,c7 becomes 2,and column g is devoid of 2.
25/Jan/10 9:28 AM
I mean steps 3 and 4.
25/Jan/10 9:30 AM
With all the Aussie photos today you would think it must be "Australia Day" weekend.
25/Jan/10 10:10 AM
Hi Everyone,

After a loooong time (a year at least, I have been told) I have finally made it easier to keep track of your smilies.

In the 'Manage Smilies' area, you can now add tags to each smilie. You can then filter on the tags - ie show all smilies tagged "happy" which More...
25/Jan/10 3:17 PM

1) Start at 22,basic techniques to UP=50
2) (3):a2=a9-c7=i7,=>i2<>3.UP=55
3) YWS: (48=6)a23-(6=2)a8-(2=4)c7,=>c3<>4.UP=81
25/Jan/10 5:54 PM
9:42, almost exactly the same time as the hard puzzle (but I use possibilities on tough and not on hard, so it's not really a valid comparison.)
25/Jan/10 10:41 PM

10/Sep/10 10:50 AM
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