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Tough Sudoku for 25/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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That photo was taken in France in an historic village called Puy L'Eveque, where I stayed with some old (mother & daughter) English friends.
25/Mar/20 12:45 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 32.
2. If g2=6=h9,e9=8=c7,g8=4,a79=24,a8=6=e7;24UR @ af79.So g2=5.UP81.
25/Mar/20 1:06 AM
Without the UR:
2. Whether c6=2,e6=5,e5=7=f2=a8,a79=24,a2=6;OR c7=2,c8=8=h9,g89=6;g2=5.UP81.
25/Mar/20 1:28 AM
Basics to UP=32
2)(5=396)b987-(6)b1=a2-(6=5)g2,=>g9& LT;>5.UP=81
25/Mar/20 2:24 AM
Basics to 32
1. if i8=8=> c8=b5=g9=5 e5=b3=a8=7 h9=g2=b1=6 b9=9 => b7=b8=3 => i8=5 solve
25/Mar/20 2:32 AM
Pretty scene.
25/Mar/20 4:21 AM
Basics to 32.
Kraken cell (167)a2 => -5b5 ; UP = 81
|| (1)a2 - a45 = (1)b5
|| (6)a2 - (6=5)g2 - g9 = (5)b9
|| (7)a2 - f2 = f5 - (7=5)e5
In this case the chains are short enough that an equivalent 'almost AIC' is reasonable:
1. (5)b9 = g9 - (5=6) - (6*)a2 = [AIC: (1)b5 = a45 - (1=*7)a2 - f2 = f5 - (7=5)e5] => -5b5
25/Mar/20 7:22 AM
23:31 in order
25/Mar/20 8:46 AM
HI Anne,
I hope you enjoyed the Cahors wine and the nice valley of the river Lot, then.
25/Mar/20 9:46 AM
Thank you Cenoman, I went there twice with the old family friends and absolutely loved it.
A Sudoku member, GannieMo who lives in France, visited us there and I went back to stay with her and Steve for a couple of days near Bordeaux. I love the old medieval villages.
25/Mar/20 11:39 AM
Combining sotir's 2 chains:

Whether b9=5;OR b5=5,e5=7=b3,b1=1,a2=6;g2=5.UP81.
25/Mar/20 2:10 PM
Thanks for the information, Anne!
25/Mar/20 2:19 PM
Thank you, Keyan.
I thought I may as well grab number 13 while I'm here.
25/Mar/20 3:01 PM
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