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Tough Sudoku for 26/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Just love rock formations!
Merry Christmas to all!
26/Dec/12 12:32 AM
SER=8.3 UP=28
1) Extended H-Wing Continuous Loop:
(1=6)g3=(2=1)g6-a6=(2=96)a3=(9)b3=(6)c3 => a3<>69,g58<>1 UP=81
Merry Christmas everyone
26/Dec/12 1:05 AM
Oops, The eliminations should read:
a3<>6,g58<>1 with UP=29. There is no justification for removing 9 from a3.
26/Dec/12 1:54 AM
2) M-Wing: (2=1)g6-g8=(2-1)i8=(1)h89 => h56<>1
3) 2 chain logic:
(1)h9=(7)c9=(3)a9 or (1)h8=(8)a8=(7)c7=(3)a9 => a9=3 forcing, a8<>7 Or Rule, c245<>7 And Rule UP=35
4) (7=8)c7=(6=7)g7-g3=(6)c3=(8)a2 => a8,c2<>8 UP=81
26/Dec/12 3:05 AM
1. Note g3/i1=16,ef3=35.Unique possibilities to 28.
2. If a6=2=g8,g7=7,c7=8=g5,g3=6,a3=9=b8,g6=1=i1=c9;box H8 has no place for 18.So c4=2.UP36.
3. Whether c3=1;OR g3=1,i1=6,hi7=35;h9=1.UP81.
26/Dec/12 3:43 AM
Just posted a long path for tough puzzle SE=9.0 Dec 22,2012. Interesting one.
26/Dec/12 6:32 AM
28 (16)g3i1=>g1<>16
29 (35)ef3=>e3<>1
37 i4=5=>b5=5=>b8=3=>c9=1=>g3=1=>h8=1=>g8=8=>g5={}=>i4<>5
42 More...
26/Dec/12 9:10 AM
Old rock formation. That might have been there during the time of the dinosaurs.
26/Dec/12 10:10 AM
26/Dec/12 10:54 PM
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