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Tough Sudoku for 26/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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This puzzle likely does not require the elephant gun I used to slay it. Nevertheless, I thought some might find it interesting to see an Almost Finned Swordfish in action, so I blogged today's tough. The link to the blog page will appear at the top of the upper right column, directly under the words "Check out the sudoku blog".
25/Feb/11 9:18 PM
Interesting rock fossil! I find them intriguing.
26/Feb/11 12:09 AM

26/Feb/11 12:48 AM
You might not be a spring chicken, Bev ... but that's no way to talk about yourself!
26/Feb/11 1:04 AM
1.SST to UP25
2.(6)hi5=hi6-(679=8)e469-(348=9)g489 &
-g3=df3 > -9e1
-(489=6)ahi5 > +6hi5, UP34, FXW(5)fh49, -5i4
3.(5)a8=a1-(579)c2bc1=(124)c279 > -1a8, UP81
26/Feb/11 2:23 AM
first step extends chain from (9)g4
I] -(9)g3=df3
II] -(489=6)ahi5 with (6)hi5 on both ends
26/Feb/11 2:28 AM
Steve, reading your blog I see you found the same chain in step 3. Also (rarely?) hidden == als can be found from partition 'pivot' cells such as c2 in today's puzzle which is als == als. Other stranger pairings are also possible.
26/Feb/11 2:46 AM
#0 SSTS ; UP25
#1 (9=7)e5 - (7=8)e9 - g9=(8-9)g3=xwing(9)df8,df3 => df5<>9 ; UP25
#2 hs(79)be4=(9)gi4 - i5=(9-7)b5=b4 => b4<>234 ; UP47
#3 (9=12)c67 -(1)c9=(1-5)a8=a1 - (5=9)b1 => b56<>9, c12<>9 ; colouring(5) ; UP81
26/Feb/11 3:23 AM
Too hard for me.
I had to make two guesses - to save my failing memory I suppose.
26/Feb/11 4:19 AM
That's not a fossil, that's an ancient skid mark, possibly from the very first wheel!
26/Feb/11 5:51 AM
OMG, Dan! You're talking skid marks?
26/Feb/11 6:29 AM
Took way longer than it should have - a little over 30 minutes.
26/Feb/11 10:50 AM
I wish I knew what it was. Because I was standing at the top of a chairlift in Banff National Park, I couldn't collect it to take it somewhere it could be identified. There was a whole bunch of interesting stuff melting out the snow up there.
26/Feb/11 10:53 AM
Would have made a good back scratcher?
26/Feb/11 5:37 PM
1. Note d6/f4=25;df8=69.Unique possibilities to 24.
2. If e4=7,e9=8=i7=g3,g4=9=e6(because locked 9s at df3),i5 has no candidate.So e4=9.UP34.
3. If c67=12,c9=4,b1=5=a8,b8=3,b7=2=c6,d6=5,d7=3;top right box is devoid of 23.So c6=9.UP42.
4. Whether b1=9,a2=2(to avoid the 48 unresolvable rectangle at ab25);OR b1=5=a8,b7=3;b6=2.UP81.
26/Feb/11 11:51 PM
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