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Tough Sudoku for 26/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Wow! What a catch!
(Jigsaw wrong scale again for me.)
26/Apr/11 12:07 AM

26/Apr/11 12:18 AM
What a fabulous photo!!!
26/Apr/11 12:20 AM
Seems harder than a 7.3 :
1. Unique possibilities to 28.
2. If e6=7=d1;column b is devoid of 7.So ef6=12.
3. If e8=5=d4,d5=3=a8,d1=7,b1=1,b2=3;box B5 is devoid of 3.So e8=89.
4. If h8=8=e9,e7=6,a7=5=i9,a8=3=g9,e8=9=c7;box H8 is devoid of 9.So h8=4.UP81.
26/Apr/11 2:46 AM

1)SSTS to UP=28
3)(3=5)a8-(5=4)d8-(4=8)h8-e8=(8-6)e9=a9-(6=5)a7,=>a8& lt;>5.UP=32
26/Apr/11 2:51 AM
A less cumbersome way for my step 4:
4. Whether a7=6=e9;OR a7=5=i9,g9=3,c7=9=g8;e8=8.UP81.
26/Apr/11 3:08 AM
Less elegant than Alfred and Sotir, but some of the patterns were quick to locate:

1) Start 23 UP 28 SSTS

2) HSR: Rim(137)b12; Spokes (3)e32,(7)e3=de1; Hub e3 => e3<>1259, a13,b6<>1, ac1<>7, c2<>3

3) WWing(37)b6,e3; (3)be2 => e6<>7; More...
26/Apr/11 7:02 AM
Hi Shiela, some of the jigsaws just dont work for me either..dont fit into the frame or consist of huge pieces!! What's going on??
26/Apr/11 9:02 AM
Hi Steve. I don't think you need your HSR step. After e6<>7 and a8<>5, if d1=7=b6,c5=3;d5 has no candidate.(The result of your step 5).So d1<>7, and because f9=9,the 1245 quad at d1/f123 makes e2=3, and UPs to 81.
26/Apr/11 11:20 AM
13:06 Great photo by an unknown photographer.
26/Apr/11 12:10 PM
My jigsaw came up with giant pieces too. That's never happened before.
26/Apr/11 12:27 PM
Here is a condensed version,using some of sotir's and Steve's ideas:
1. UP28.
2. Whether d45=7;OR d1=7=b6;ef6=12.
3. Whether f9=9;OR dfh9=125,i7=5,a7=6=e9;e8=58.UP32.
4. Whether b6=3,b1=7;OR c5=3,d5=7;d1<>7.UP81.
26/Apr/11 12:52 PM

Shorter path for steps 3-4.
1)SSTS to UP=28
3)(5=4)d8-(4=8)h8-e8=(8-6)e9=a9-(6=5)a7,=>a8<>5 .UP=32
26/Apr/11 7:18 PM

typo,4)=>b1<>7 to read =>d1<>7
26/Apr/11 7:54 PM
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