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Tough Sudoku for 27/February/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Flower or Fungus???
(Never thought I'd mistake a fungus for a flower!)
27/Feb/09 12:06 AM
Among us?
27/Feb/09 1:05 AM
I may be a lowly fungus, but I am watching you ...
27/Feb/09 1:40 AM
Reminds me of a scary story I read when I was young--about a kid who answers an ad in the back of a magazine, offering a business opportunity for someone to grow mushrooms in his/her basement, so guess what ends up taking over the house and devouring everything in sight? See why I don't eat mushrooms? Someone hold me!
27/Feb/09 2:01 AM
Interesting and kinda creepy
27/Feb/09 2:32 AM
Maen all. Did it grow that way?

27/Feb/09 2:54 AM
The Eyeball fungus?
27/Feb/09 3:08 AM
28:11 eaa brings us another great photo. Thanks for letting us see through your eyes!
27/Feb/09 3:37 AM
1)Start at 23,=>UP=27
3)(7)a8=(7-5)h8=(5)h3-(5=9)a3-(9=2)a4 ,=>a8<>2.UP=44
27/Feb/09 4:27 AM
Very strange and wonderful, eaa!
27/Feb/09 5:11 AM
31:50. Am I the only one its looking at?
27/Feb/09 7:29 AM
9:57 Very tired today, and took a long nap. Heaven knows how I managed to get the time that I did. =] Anyway, what an interesting photo!
27/Feb/09 8:59 AM
Interesting and odd, and I wonder as to the size, especially after Cathy's story!
27/Feb/09 1:39 PM
Thanks eaa
27/Feb/09 2:03 PM
I worked this out this morning, but didn't have time to record it. I hope my notes are correct. Fill possibilities for 3,5,7 and then do a consistency check to find that d2 and a3 cannot be 7. Checking 3, find that g2=3. Fill should be to 28 at this point. If a4=9, then a3=5, i2=9, and row 2 More...
27/Feb/09 3:49 PM
Similar to Sotir's proof:
1. Unique possibilities: a7=3=f1,d9=9,e6=5. (UP 27).
2. When b7=7,h8=7=d6=a2,i8=5=b2=c5 and top left box is devoid of 5. So a8=7 and UPs to 45.
3. To avoid a 59 rectangle at ai23,i3 must be 1,and UPs to 81.
27/Feb/09 7:01 PM
28/Feb/09 5:13 AM

09/Sep/10 9:20 PM
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