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Tough Sudoku for 27/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Basics to 27
1. (3)b1=(3-5)i1=i9-g8=(5)b8 =>-3b8
2. Almost kite (3)a8=a6-c4=f4 + fin 3a4
[Kite(3)a8=a6-c4=f4] = (3-1)a4=a9-bc7=d7-(1=8)d2-f3=(8)f8 =>-3f8; singles to 81
27/Apr/18 1:06 AM
Owls are such interesting birds. I love seeing them.
27/Apr/18 5:03 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 27.
2. Whether d23=18;OR d3=4=b1,i1=3,i9=5,ab9=16,d72=18;f8=8.UP31.
3. Whether b1=3;OR i1=3,i9=5=b8;a8=3.UP81.
27/Apr/18 5:35 AM
Ignoring Basics
#29 1?@e9=>{a4=1=>a9=6=>c4=6,f7=2=>g4=2=>g5=1=>c5=7}=>i4=4=>d6=4=>d7=3=>d9 =9=>c9=4=>c3=1=>d3={}=>e9<>1
Basics ignoring direct use of Rules
#28 26@ef5=>e46cg5<>26=>489@e468=>e29<>489 8@fg38=>e8d3<>8
#32 1@d79=>d23<>1
27/Apr/18 6:08 AM
Unique possibilities to 28
Basics to 28
27/Apr/18 6:09 AM
Hi Les,
Do you include e6=8 in your results of basics ?
To me, e6=8 is the result of the X-wing (8)fg38, and the X-wing pattern is not part of 'basics'. Basics is another name of LCLS techniques (Locked Candidates, Locked Sets). The union of LCLS techniques + wings + fishes + simple colouring More...
27/Apr/18 7:24 AM
27/Apr/18 9:07 AM
Hi Cenoman & Alfred,
Thanks for your response Cenoman.
As an X-wing is considered an SSTS but not LCLS I will endeavour to remember this in future when using the term 'Basics'.
However as 8@fg38 (X-wing) results from the consideration of the distribution of 8's only I believe Alfred would More...
27/Apr/18 9:45 AM
Hi Les. I class the X-wing as a separate step, and would say : Locked 8s @ fg38;so e8<>8.

Best Regards, Alfred.
27/Apr/18 11:15 AM
all. Aren't owls gorgeous?!
27/Apr/18 12:15 PM
Ignoring Basics(& X-wings)
#29 1?@e9=>{a4=1=>a9=6=>c4=6,f7=2=>g4=2=>g5=1=>c5=7}=>i4=4=>d6=4=>d7=3=>d9 =9=>c9=4=>c3=1=>d3={}=>e9<>1
Basics(& X-wings) ignoring direct use of Rules
#28 26@ef5=>e46cg5<>26=>489@e468=>e29<>489 8@fg38=>e8d3<>8
#32 1@d79=>d23<>1
28/Apr/18 10:10 AM
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