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Tough Sudoku for 27/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Quite a contrast of style between the fountain and the tower.
27/Jul/13 12:07 AM
some puzzles require brute-force backtracking technique (Your Way, JC); these are of no interest whatsoever to path finders because there
simply is NO reasonable path .. your challenge is an idle taunt JC.
27/Jul/13 2:38 AM
P101: Symmetry=None, Start=23, SSTS=31
SG @ UP31, FAIL; SE=9.0 @ 4 dynamic kraken, 9 kraken, 5 FC
27/Jul/13 2:40 AM
I agree with kobold. It took some time before I saw the wisdom of his advice but now I agree.
27/Jul/13 3:07 AM
site puzzle a messy SE=8.4, buried @ SSTS=23
my path not much better than SG:
1. aahs[(5=8)i6-(8=1)f6-f8=*c8-(178=6)c239-i9=i3]
(51'-9)be8=f9-f3=h3-h6=(9-7)a6=(7-5)d6=i6 # -5i3, -9a9
2. [(75)d6,(58)i6,(81)f6 - More...
27/Jul/13 3:39 AM
step 2 got mangled:

2. aals[(75)d6,(58)i6,(81)f6 - (1348=*9)de7f89-f3==a6]
(2)f9-f4=(2-3)i4=b4-(38)b57=HW(71)b5/h56.(9)a6 # -7a6
27/Jul/13 3:41 AM
Hello everyone!
I agree, Shiela!
It's an inspired photo, thanks Sue!
27/Jul/13 9:17 AM
(24) 46@h7i9=>[h7<>8&i9<>28]
h2=6=>[h7=4&d2=3=>f3=9]=>h3={}=>h2<&G T;6
(25) 278@ghi=>f8<>28
i3=5=>{h3=6=>f3=9,i6=8=>f6=1&i9=6=>c5=6=>c8=3}=> f8={}=>i3<>5
(32) More...
27/Jul/13 2:11 PM
What I found interesting was not only the contrast, but the comparison. Both the tower and the water come to points at the top, from wider bases.
27/Jul/13 2:45 PM
28/Jul/13 12:47 AM

================3h3= 3c3
========================2b6=7b6=3 More...
28/Jul/13 6:12 AM
The path above is for P101, of course !
28/Jul/13 4:26 PM
not a path JC (also unreadable - you need to upgrade your software to make your forcing nets more legible!)
31/Jul/13 5:53 AM
P101 (eureka path):
1. [(4)a9=*df9-(4=8)f8-a8=HW(54)a5/b57.(8)a9] - (5)a9=a5-(5=3)g5
(4-8)h9=h6 # -3h6
2. DK: (2378=4)ach3 - (4)i3=i78 # -3b5
[(4)b5=b7-i7=*i8-(48=27)af8-(27=8)a13-(8=237) b246]
3. (4)h3=h9-SW(48)f8/dfi7,fh9=(8)a9-(8=237)a13c3 # -3h3
4. (48=2)af8 - (27)a1,(75)i1,(54)f1,(48)f8 # -8i8
31/Jul/13 5:55 AM
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