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Tough Sudoku for 28/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I think we've seen an earlier picture in the same series? Wagdy?
28/May/08 12:26 AM
I'm guessing one of Wagdy's, too. Vibrant blue water.
28/May/08 12:37 AM
19:53 Maen! Gorgeous place... but where is it?
28/May/08 1:25 AM
Wow, I think I only used 1 guess! Hopefully that is a sign that I still have a few good brain cells left! Hope everyone had a great weekend and took time to honor our servicemen and women around the world in their own way as we celebrated our Memorial Day. Take care all and please keep safe and healthy.

Aimee :-)
28/May/08 1:30 AM

Interesting photo. It does look like the kind of picture that Wagdy takes. Unusual shrubs in the foreground.
28/May/08 1:37 AM
A path to solve this one - I'm sure for valid path
Start at 23, basic techniques UP30
1) (hp25)f67=(3)f6 – (3)e4=(3-2)e2=(2-7)e9=(7)f9 => f9<>25, UP35
2) Swordfish on 6’s : bh1, bg6, gh7 => gh2, bg3, h4<>3, UP41
3) XY-Wing : e4=53, h4=31, i5=15 => i4 & f5<>5, UP81
28/May/08 1:55 AM
28/May/08 2:02 AM
10:39 to you all.

I thought this was a pretty easy "tough" one, but maybe I was thinking particularly clearly this morning - NOT!
28/May/08 2:13 AM
28/May/08 2:23 AM
half an hour

Looks like one Wagdy's, indeed. My guess is the Nile by the dam in Assuan (sp?)
28/May/08 3:09 AM
Isn't it amazing what water can to to transform the barren desert?
28/May/08 3:16 AM
"do to"
28/May/08 3:17 AM
I think it's one of Wagdy's also.
28/May/08 3:44 AM
Good afternoon to all! Yes, this is one of Wagdy's early photos and we've seen it a few times before. The sail boats are faluccas and the water if I remember correctly is, as Jyrki said, the Nile.
28/May/08 4:18 AM
Having trouble with your consonants again, Judy?
28/May/08 4:45 AM
Are you suggesting that I mind my P's and Q's, Cathy?
28/May/08 5:44 AM
Good Maen everyone.
I am very happy that my photos are familiar to most of you even if It lost its comment which I used to do.
This is a view of Nile at Aswan -Lovely photo I like It too much.
28/May/08 5:53 AM
Another of Wagdy's
28/May/08 7:05 AM
Thanks Wagdy
28/May/08 7:16 AM
Wagdy - I, too, recognized this as one of yours, but I will never tire of seeing these beautiful pictures of the Nile river. Thank you.
28/May/08 9:32 AM

08/Sep/10 9:36 PM
one chain:SST to UP=30

=> e4f6=5, f5<>2, STE.
04/Jan/11 5:58 AM
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