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Tough Sudoku for 3/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Where is this? Puzzle seemed hard & then easy.
03/Apr/08 12:23 AM
Please tell us where this is - it seems like it is a place of great importance to whomever worships there. Hi Sheila.
03/Apr/08 12:48 AM
OOps, sorry; Shiela
03/Apr/08 12:49 AM
An ancient Christian church?
03/Apr/08 12:56 AM
It looks like an Altar in an old church, but where?
03/Apr/08 1:16 AM
Is this in Israel?
03/Apr/08 1:52 AM
Turned out to be much simpler than it looked at first!
03/Apr/08 2:05 AM
I agree Shiela, this puzzle started out difficult, but if you stuck in there the numbers fell into place. Not using the timer does helps, less stressful!

What an interesting picture to be rewarded with. I wonder if the place of worship is still open and where it is.

Saul, I More...
03/Apr/08 2:06 AM
I'm curious too--where is this?
Have a wonderful day/night, everyone!
03/Apr/08 3:05 AM
03/Apr/08 3:15 AM
This is "Saint Dimyanna" old Church in Nile Delta/Egypt where her coffin is there.
God and Saint Dimyanna bless all of you.
Hope this picture meets your interest.
Have a very nice time all of you.
03/Apr/08 4:55 AM
Thanks Wagdy.
03/Apr/08 7:57 AM
Very interesting picture Wagdy, is there a statue sitting on the chair in front of the coffin? Or did I see things...
03/Apr/08 10:12 AM
1) 23 givens up 25
2) pair 26 b46 => a45,c45,b279<>6, b9<>2 UP 46

3a) locked 5 ab2 => gi2<>5
3b) locked 7 d78 => e8, f78<>7
3c) (pair35)i9h8=(9)i9-(9=5)b9 => g9<>5
3d)(pair9x)g12=(pair12)g12-(2)g6=(2-8)i6=(8)i3 => i3 <>9
3e) More...
03/Apr/08 10:21 AM
Wonderful old place, thank you Wagdy!!
03/Apr/08 3:42 PM
to Steve From Ohio, Please cut that out.
03/Apr/08 4:29 PM
16:13 to you all.

That is an interesting photo, Wagdy. Thanks.
03/Apr/08 4:46 PM
Thanks Wagdy I haven't heard of Saint Dimyanna but it looks like an interesting place
03/Apr/08 6:37 PM
Is that a new picture Wagdy?
What is the red drape for?
Enjoyed doing the puzzle.
03/Apr/08 11:53 PM
I can't agree! This puzzle was easy to start having realised there was a 34 pair at A5 and C5 while still filling in the grid. Then several more pairs and triples to follow. THEN I got stuck.
06/Apr/08 8:04 PM

07/Sep/10 11:19 PM
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