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Tough Sudoku for 30/April/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Amazing shot, Wendy! Looks more like an abstract painting!
30/Apr/10 12:09 AM
... Or a hotel bed after a busy night!
30/Apr/10 12:27 AM
WOW! Nature is an amazing artist...great for spotting this and sharing it, Wendy!
30/Apr/10 12:27 AM
Amazing! , Wendy.
30/Apr/10 12:37 AM
I will NOT be tempted...
30/Apr/10 12:38 AM
What an amazing eye. Beautiful abstract.
30/Apr/10 1:25 AM
maen all! guess this is why they call it "rainbow" beach.
30/Apr/10 1:37 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 30.
2. d7=1 (to avoid the 13 unresolvable rectangle at ac37).UP46.
3. If b7=4,b9=6 (to avoid the 78 UR at bf89);
If b7=8,b9=67.Hence b9=67,pair 48 at b78.
4. Whether c8=2=i9; OR c8=9,a8=7=b5;i4=7.UP53.
5. If a1=4,i1=8,i9=2,c9=1,a9=7,a8=9;a6 has no candidate.So a1=8.UP81.
30/Apr/10 1:39 AM

Initially I was able to get to UP = 34 using naked triple (489)bgi7, then pair 78 at f89.

1. Basic techniques to UP = 34.
2. (5)e8 = (5)e5 - (5)h5 = (5)h2 - (5=482)i129 - (2)g8 = (2-9)c8 = (9)a8 => ac8 <> 5 ; UP = 46
3. (4)a6 = (4)a1 - (4)i1 = (4-9)i7 = (9)i6 => a6 <> 9 ; UP = 81
30/Apr/10 1:54 AM
Hi all,
I'm very happy to see Steve come back (at least on Eureka)...
rwm: I did comment to your solution on Apr.09/2010 - tough page... You don't care that...?
30/Apr/10 2:08 AM
Why start now, Hal? Isn't it a little too late for you?
30/Apr/10 2:45 AM
30/Apr/10 3:47 AM

1)Start at 22,basic techniques to UP=34
3)(2)c8=g8-(2=8)i9-i1=(8 -4)a1=(4-9)a6=(9)a8,=>c8<>9.UP=81

Short way for step 2: AUR(13)ac37,=>ac7<>1
30/Apr/10 5:07 AM
Oh Wendy, that is a wonderful photo. You have a natural eye for a good photo - and that is a rare talent.
30/Apr/10 5:46 AM
Love the pic. Thanls, Wendy
30/Apr/10 6:15 AM
I'm working on several items at once, so at this time I just want to acknowledge some ongoing efforts. I can't spend any more time on Sudoku today and it may be a while before I get to them all.

ttt: Your comments, or anyone else's, are always welcome. The Apr 9 2010 tough was complex so More...
30/Apr/10 6:30 AM
another path (note hidden triple (135)acd7)
1. UP 34.
2. AUR:(13)ac7,ac3 => (5)ac7. UP 46
3. (4)a6=(4)a1-(4)i1=(4-9)i7=(9)i6 => ~(9)a6.
4. UP 81.
30/Apr/10 6:41 AM
Straightforward tough but harder easy?? Until the heading came up I thought it was a blouse on a mannequin.
30/Apr/10 11:26 AM
Hi rwm and sotir. After you show a8=9,what is the next UP? I needed first to show pair 48 at b78,when c8 becomes 29,so a8=9 makes c8=2, etc to UP81.
30/Apr/10 2:11 PM

Hi Alfred,
After step 2, locked 48 at b789,=>a8=79,c8=29.
After step 3,a8=9,c8=2=i9=h3...to UP=81
30/Apr/10 9:26 PM
Thanks, sotir. Once I was told I can't see my nose in front of my face. I think they were right!

Regards, Alfred.
30/Apr/10 9:41 PM

Typo: to read c8=2=i9=g6...to UP=81
30/Apr/10 9:50 PM
Looks like a painting by Georgia O'Keefe
09/May/10 12:18 PM
28/May/10 7:37 AM
Easy to UP=34
1) 13 UR (ac37) => d7=1 UP=46
2) 49 Purple Cow (a16 - i167) => a6<>9 UP=81
Note the 4 cell AIC with strong links in columns a and i. The ends of this AIC are connected to the ends of a 3 cell AIC with strong link in column i. This is how I recognize this More...
11/Jul/10 10:31 PM

10/Sep/10 9:26 PM
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