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Tough Sudoku for 31/March/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Very interesting building!
31/Mar/11 12:01 AM
Many years ago, when my first two children were born, we used to live in a house on the hillside in the background with beautiful views over the harbour and King George Sound.
31/Mar/11 12:08 AM
Beautiful building and location, Anne!
31/Mar/11 12:08 AM
2.(8)i6=(8-6)i3=(6-4)i2=(4-2)h1=h4 > -8h4, UP81
31/Mar/11 12:22 AM
quite a long run of not-so-tough puzzles.
31/Mar/11 12:25 AM
Very nice building.
31/Mar/11 12:36 AM
1. Note e13=89=d56.Unique possibilities to 35.
2. Whether h1=5,g23=17,h3=8;OR h6=5,i6=8;OR h9=5,i79=24,h8=3,h6=8;h4=2.UP81.
31/Mar/11 1:15 AM
Post Office, Anne? What in the world was the purpose of the tower? What a cool place to hang out!
31/Mar/11 1:16 AM

31/Mar/11 1:16 AM

On SE rating:
1)For period May 15,2005 to Aug 31,2010 (See my study Sep 06,2010 tough page):
SE=2.0-7.0 33.1 %
SE=7.0-8.0 49.4 %
SE=8.0-9.3 17.5 %
2)For period Sep 01,2010 to March 31,2011:
SE=2.0-7.0 24 %
SE=7.0-8.0 54 %
SE=8.0-9.0 22 %
Although there is some More...
31/Mar/11 2:41 AM
Whether I can do the tough puzzle or not depends as much on my state of mind as its difficulty.
As yet I haven't found one that is not 'interesting' - in some way.
I found today's not so hard - maybe my grey cells are functioning better than they were yesterday. I think with practice I am making less stupid errors.
31/Mar/11 3:40 AM
#0 SSTS ; UP36
#1 als-xz ; (2=571)g123 - (18=2)h34 => g5<>2, h1<>2
31/Mar/11 5:09 AM
"I'm sorry sir, put you will have to pick up that parcel in the holding room on the top of the tower. The stairs are over that way." Nice photo Anne.
31/Mar/11 5:13 AM
Great building and a great photo too, Anne!
31/Mar/11 9:26 AM
Hi sotir. I am not as stoic as you! They are mostly difficult enough for me as it is.

Regards, Alfred.
31/Mar/11 10:07 AM
makes me want to head to "the other" Albany!
31/Mar/11 1:35 PM
The Old Post Office in Washington DC also has a clock tower. Maybe people relied on the post office for the time?
31/Mar/11 1:56 PM
Marvellous old building, Anne..made an interesting jigsaw too!
31/Mar/11 5:39 PM
Hi sotir and All,

I think that the current mix of SE ratings is appropriate. If the mix were to increase in average SE rating as suggested, we are unlikely to get new people on this Tough page, as they would be discouraged by the larger number of really Tough ones - which they are unlikely to be able to do.
31/Mar/11 6:45 PM
nice Photo Anne.
My Mother in Law grew up not far from here, in one of the side streets towards the hill.
31/Mar/11 8:26 PM
Many years ago, there was a restaurant at the old Post Office..
Hubby and I had dinner there to celebrate a Wedding Anniversary, might have been our 2nd or 3rd!
31/Mar/11 8:28 PM
Rolanda - it was called Penny Post and it was the best restaurant in Albany at the time. It was lovely. We celebrated my in-laws 40th Wedding Anniversary there which I arranged. Also went there for a New Year's Eve many years ago.
31/Mar/11 9:30 PM
I still call it the Penny Post Anne.
31/Mar/11 10:21 PM
GREAT PIC Anne. I think that 30+ years ago, as a back packer, I sat on the steps of that PO trying to think about where to stay for minimal dollars in Albany.

Reasonably easy puzzle. 1 short FC required
01/Apr/11 12:09 AM
Are they really that easy to engineer? Or are you suggesting that they be tested for difficulty before being put up on the site?
01/Apr/11 1:38 AM
Hi Brenda. They are engineered to differennt levels of difficulty. For extreme examples, google World's Hardest (or Toughest) Sudoku.

Regards, Alfred.
01/Apr/11 9:01 AM
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