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Tough Sudoku for 31/May/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1. Note triple 168 at bef6.Unique possibilities to 30.
2. If a2=7=e1,a4=8,c7=1=h8,i1=6;row 8 is devoid of 6.So a2=8.UP81.
31/May/10 12:32 AM
1. I got to UP = 31 with basic techniques.
2. (6)c3 = (6)c2 - (6)f2 = (6-1)f6 = (1)b6 - (1=27)c45 => c3 <> 7 ; UP = 81
31/May/10 1:01 AM
Wendy from Perth certainly does take beautiful photographs. The Parkland photo is particularly well-composed.
31/May/10 1:14 AM
2. (6=8)e6-(8)b6=(8-7)a4=(7)a2-(7)ef2=(7)e1. => ~(6)e1 UP=81. is another path.
31/May/10 1:55 AM
Another great picture of your travels, Wendy. This park looks so peaceful.
31/May/10 1:56 AM

I also just posted a solution for yesterday tough.
31/May/10 2:21 AM
Did I hear PIC-A-NIC BoBO?
31/May/10 4:25 AM
"Let’s take an old-fashioned walk,
I’m just burstin’ with talk.
What a tale could be told, if we went for
An old-fashioned walk!"
Thanks, Wendy.

31/May/10 4:42 AM
26 minutes

1) Basics to UP 31
2) If e1=6, then e6=8, a4=8, a2=7, and
the bottom middle region has no room for 7. So
we have 6 locked in ef2. UP81
31/May/10 4:42 AM
My understanding of Eureka notation is sketchy at best, but it seems to me that I rediscovered farpointer's solution. I apologize for the accumulated waste of BW.
31/May/10 4:44 AM
Oh! What a pretty place! Thanks, Wendy!
31/May/10 5:42 AM
I posted a 1 step ALS-XY-Wing solution to the Feb 2, 2010. The interesting thing about this ALS-XY-Wing is that 3 of the 5 cells in it are an almost XY-Wing. The ALS-XY-Wing makes the same cell elimnations as the almost XY-Wing would if it were true (which it isn't).
31/May/10 6:59 AM
31/May/10 9:25 AM
Hi Jyrki. You have discovered the shortest chain to solve this one,so far, so it is not a waste of BW ( whatever that is).

Regards, Alfred.
31/May/10 9:50 AM
quite so Jyrki, yours isn't really shorter than the AIC chain because the initial if then must be represented as a strong set in a chain.
31/May/10 10:38 AM
Margaret River is where Mo stays in W.A.
31/May/10 10:44 AM
It looks like an enchanted place. Just beautiful.
31/May/10 11:13 AM
16:30 Good morning all.
31/May/10 12:28 PM
Lovely peaceful looking spot Wendy, and sooo green!!
31/May/10 1:39 PM
24:08 in order
17/Jun/10 10:44 AM

10/Sep/10 9:52 PM
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