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Tough Sudoku for 5/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What a serene feeling in this photo, Wendy! Nice!
05/Oct/10 1:20 AM
1. Note pair 67 at d2/f3.Unique possibilities to 26.
2. If e2=9,pair 18 at e89,f8=7=d2,f3=6;68 have no place in row 2.So e2=8.UP36.
3. If b8=1=a4=c2,c3=6,f3=7,f8=8=i9=c6=g4,h9=4=b4;row 4 is devoid of 3.So b8=2.UP81.
05/Oct/10 1:32 AM

05/Oct/10 1:36 AM
05/Oct/10 1:53 AM
Do they rent this place? It would be a great place to spend a few days alone!
05/Oct/10 2:12 AM
Tough one... ended up guessing when it took too long. Nice shot of that long pier, and interesting colors...
05/Oct/10 2:43 AM
maen all! old cannery row setting...quite the tide thereabouts...a few still running along the pacific northwest.
05/Oct/10 3:10 AM
Lovely colors.
05/Oct/10 3:19 AM

I just posted my solution for yesterday tough,interesting one.
05/Oct/10 3:45 AM
such delicate colours
05/Oct/10 6:23 AM
05/Oct/10 7:59 AM
sotir, great work on yesterday's Tough.
I left some minor points for clarification, if you have time to have look.

Regards, Alfred.
05/Oct/10 12:57 PM
14:11 Unfortunately, I haven't ventured quite as far north as Derby.
05/Oct/10 2:06 PM
Comments on this structure???

1) SST to UP=27.

2) (8)e2=(8-6)c2=(6-7)d2=f3-(8=8)f8 =>e89<>8.UP=36.

3) kraken column (2)g378 => gi6<>8
06/Oct/10 2:39 AM
that didn't format correctly. trying again. wish we could preview comments.

1) SST to UP=27.

2) (8)e2=(8-6)c2=(6-7)d2=f3-(8=8)f8 =>e89<>8.UP=36.

3) kraken column (2)g378 => gi6<>8
|| More...
06/Oct/10 2:41 AM
still didn't format correctly. I will use some leaders. Looks horrible, but spaces are squeezed out in comments.

1) SST to UP=27.

2) (8)e2=(8-6)c2=(6-7)d2=f3-(8=8)f8 =>e89<>8.UP=36.

3) kraken column (2)g378 => More...
06/Oct/10 2:44 AM
I give up. In the kraken,the (2)s are supposed to be in the same column. The font used here is not a fixed width font, so it is very difficult to align entries.
06/Oct/10 2:46 AM
my go at this on (using a mature kraken) -UP=26
1.PL(368)d156-(6)d2=(6-8)c2=(8-9)e2=d1 => d1=9; UP=36
2.Kraken Cell(178)g5 => a4=3; UP=81
07/Oct/10 7:24 AM
12/Oct/10 7:37 AM
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