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Tough Sudoku for 6/September/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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"Every day is a winding road ... "
06/Sep/10 12:22 AM

From the Archive:
The list of the toughest puzzles that there are not
Eureka Notation posted proofs:
Rate SE=8.2:
Rate SE=8.3:
20 More...
06/Sep/10 12:37 AM
Sorry,to read .. to solve.
06/Sep/10 12:39 AM
My kind of country!
06/Sep/10 1:04 AM
what's the rating on today's puzzle sotir? kind of tough.
06/Sep/10 1:06 AM
> 1 hour
06/Sep/10 2:34 AM
Too tough today, SE=9.0
06/Sep/10 3:04 AM
Hi Steve,
On June 26,2010, I promised to You to send a list of the top SE rated puzzle.
I extended it to a study on rating from May 15/2005 to August 31/2010.
This might be helpful to improve the rating in the future.
2005/14,2006/16,2007/9,2008/10,2009/9,2010/11 More...
06/Sep/10 3:48 AM
Hi Sotir,
Haven't had much time today but here is an unusual move which might be helpful. It's called single ALS logic. The ALS is (567)ad5. Note the 5 conjugate at bd3 and 7 group conjugate at b3 and b457. (5)d3=(67)ad5 or (5)b3=(7)b456)=(6)a5 => b5,b6<>6.
06/Sep/10 4:35 AM
Also there is a 67 grouped S-Wing with pivot at a5.
(6)a5=bc6=(6)d6 or (7)a5=ab4=(7)ef4 => d6<>7
This S-Wing is also an almost 456 continuous loop. If e4<>7 it is a continuous loop but I haven't figured out how to use this yet.
06/Sep/10 5:22 AM
Wendy, are you sure that's the correct title for the photo?
06/Sep/10 5:39 AM
I wondered too! Looks much more like northern hemisphere region than northern WA!! Misty even!
06/Sep/10 11:15 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 27.The steps are long, but I couldn't prune them down:
2. If i5=7,a5=6=d6,f4=4,d5=5=f1,f5=1=e2,d8=8,d9=7;the bottom middle box is devoid of 7.So i6=7.UP28.
3. If c1=2=a4,b3=5,a7=8,a5=6=d6,f4=4,d7=8,f2=1,(e4=18),b4=7,e4=8,e6=1,c7=5 (to avoid the unresolvable 368 More...
06/Sep/10 1:45 PM
In step 4, there is no need for f5=1, but add b2=6 after c2=8.
06/Sep/10 5:16 PM
Following farpointer's reference yesterday, to the magical poem by Lord ALFRED Tennyson, which talks about the Kraken monster in his secret cell, I promise from now on to never mention the elephant in the room again.
06/Sep/10 5:49 PM
Sotir, That's an incredible amount of work to produce that list - and it's extremely useful.

Very many thanks. Best regards, Neil
06/Sep/10 7:23 PM
06/Sep/10 8:42 PM
Anne, You did this puzzle in less than 12 minutes? From now, I shall call you Wonder Woman.
Best regards, Neil
06/Sep/10 8:45 PM
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