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Tough Sudoku for 7/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13:37 Maen! Hi, Red!
07/Jun/08 12:34 AM
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
07/Jun/08 1:18 AM
WHAT is that overly cute, red haired, fuzzball?

Hopefully it can't get loose and find others of it's kind!?!
07/Jun/08 2:52 AM
07/Jun/08 3:13 AM
Hello, Red!!!!!
07/Jun/08 3:58 AM
19:01 everyone.
07/Jun/08 4:05 AM
07/Jun/08 4:36 AM
Hi Red! What a happy face you have....sure brings a lot of smiles! Thanks for this lovely pic
07/Jun/08 7:36 AM
Zoom zoom I'm outa here, see you all next week!
I'm off to the R&R festival this long-weekend.
07/Jun/08 8:01 AM
Unigue possibillities to 27.Forced chains with 4: If h7=4, there is a contradiction after 12 moves.When g8=4 , UPs to 81.
07/Jun/08 10:34 AM
07/Jun/08 10:57 AM
HEY!!! Jiminoregon remembered the timer!!!!!
07/Jun/08 11:12 AM
9.29 Hi Red.
Did you make Red, Sue?
07/Jun/08 11:25 AM
Do I detect a puppety theme today?
07/Jun/08 11:34 AM
26:06 Wonder who the arms belong to?
07/Jun/08 2:47 PM
A path for this one:

1) Start at 23,=>UP=27

2)Coloring (4):c4=g4-g8=h7,=>c7<>4

==>b13<& gt;9, UP=28

==>b4<>8, UP=81
07/Jun/08 3:46 PM
1) Start at 23 filled, the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities (UP) to 27.
2a) np13 at b5c6, => a56<>13
2b) fc on 3's: e1=e6-c6=b5, => b1<>3.
2c) fc on 4's: c4=g4-h5=h7, => e7<>4.
2d) (8)a6 = (8)b4 - (8=9)b1 - (9)b8 = (9-4)c8 = (4)c4 - (4=6)a5, => a6<>6. UP 81
08/Jun/08 1:22 AM

08/Sep/10 9:40 PM
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