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Tough Sudoku for 8/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Brilliant, Kate!
08/Oct/09 12:35 AM
12:15 - oh, Kate. You're going to send me on a Search to find out what kind of blue flower this is ...
08/Oct/09 12:48 AM
1. Note pairs 16 at g8/h7;79 at df9;78 at a56.Unique possibilities to 39.
2. If i1=7,h1=9,i3=8;i4 has no candidate.So g1=7.UP40.
3. If e8=5,e3=38.If e8=6=h7,h6=8=a5=e3.Hence pair 38 at ei3.UPs to 81.
08/Oct/09 1:05 AM
Oh, it's gorgeous! Thank you, Kate.
Have a wonderful day/night, everyone.
08/Oct/09 1:31 AM
Very nice colours Kate!
08/Oct/09 2:16 AM
... So this must be from the other "Other Kate"! I'm so confused!
08/Oct/09 2:19 AM
Well, it's a close-up because the blossom is small. The blue eyed grass flower (Sisyrinchium) is native to the New World (North and South America), and can grow in zones 5-9. Despite the name, it is actually in the iris family (an obvious monocot), but is small and tuft-like when growing - like More...
08/Oct/09 2:22 AM
Oh! Very pretty! Thanks!

Have a great day everyone!
08/Oct/09 3:51 AM

Basic techniques to UP 39.

If h6=8, then 8 goes into a4,e3 and i1. But also e5=6, so h7=6, and there is no place for 1 on column h. So h6=6. UP 81.
08/Oct/09 7:01 AM
08/Oct/09 7:12 AM
Hi Jerki.After h7=6,can't h1 still=1? There is a contradiction a bit further along: d3=5,g2=2 and 12 have no place at a3. Regards,Alfred.
08/Oct/09 8:49 AM
Plum, sure this is from the "New World", my guess would be "New Holland" (IE Australia), but I'm no botanist.
08/Oct/09 3:24 PM
Hi Alfred,

Sorry. I left out a piece. After i1 is forced to be 8, we must place h1=9, because in the left bottom box there is no other place for a 9. My bad.
08/Oct/09 6:10 PM
Thanks Jyrki.I should have seen that.Sorry I misspelt your name before.
08/Oct/09 7:03 PM

Don't worry about my name :-) During my years in the US I gave up the struggle. Speakers of the English language simply are never exposed to this combination of spelling and pronunciation. The spelling as well as pronunciation is close to the German male name More...
08/Oct/09 7:11 PM
12:52, fairly straight-forward one today. See you all tomorrow.
08/Oct/09 9:15 PM
25/Oct/09 11:36 PM

10/Sep/10 7:11 AM
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