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Tough Sudoku for 8/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Another chance to relive your trip Wagdy!
08/Mar/09 12:05 AM
This one looks like a party of palms!
Wagdy, every one of your photos of the California coast is beautiful!
08/Mar/09 12:09 AM
Just beautiful, Wagdy. Thank you!
08/Mar/09 12:23 AM
08/Mar/09 1:09 AM
1.Note pair 68 at g3/i2.Unique possibilities:a8=8,c2=2,h2=9 (UP 25).
2.Note pairs 47 at ai5 and b8/c7.Triples 269 at efi9; 127 at ade1.
3. When a1=1,triple 456 makes g3=8.Likewise,d1=1,d5=9=f3,e5=8=f2 and g3=8.This solves the rest (UP 81).
08/Mar/09 2:10 AM
The triple 456 in step 3 is at abc3.
08/Mar/09 2:14 AM
1)Start at 22,=>UP=25
2)Loop:(6)e9=(6)i9-(6=8)i2-(8)e2=(8-9)e5=(9)e9,=>g8<>6,f2<>8,e9<> ;2.UP=81
08/Mar/09 3:30 AM
10:14 This picture looks awfully familiar.
08/Mar/09 3:44 AM

Lovely! Does this resemble Egypt, Wagdy?

08/Mar/09 4:37 AM
Hi everyone.
Thanks for your lovely comments ,hope you enjoy it .
Will submitt new photos from Egypt as of March 17th after the arrival of my son RAMY and his small family "Lina and Kevin".
My camira will be ready to follow their holliday in Cairo.
08/Mar/09 5:20 AM
13:30, another in the series. everyone.
08/Mar/09 7:50 AM
Hi Sotir.I follow two of your conclusions in step 2) but why g8<>6 ? Regards, Alfred.
08/Mar/09 8:39 AM
08/Mar/09 10:52 AM
Had real trouble starting this one, but finally made it.
08/Mar/09 4:03 PM
For one time's sake I happened to look at the "right place". At UP 25 (with the obvious groups and locked candidates in place) we either d1=1 or a1=1. If it's d1, then the d-column unravels: d6=2
=> d8=6 => i9=6 => i2=8 => def2=457. But also d5=9 => d3=5, which is a More...
08/Mar/09 8:22 PM
Step 2.=>i8<>6 (not g8)
Tanks Alfred
09/Mar/09 12:47 AM

09/Sep/10 9:24 PM
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