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Tough Sudoku for 9/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Oh, he's gorgeous!
09/Mar/17 12:23 AM
SE 7.2 lcls to 28
1. (9)b2=b79-(9=7)a7-a5=(7-5)c5=(5)c1 =>-5b2; lcls to 32
2. (2=4)e2-(4=6)e6-h6=(6-9)h5=d5-(9=5)e4-e7=(5-1)i7=(1-2)c7=(2)b7 =>-2b2; lcls to 34
3. (4=2)e2-(2=6)e8-(6=354)b458 =>-4b2; lcls to 35
4. (3)b8=h8-(3=9)h1-h5=d5-d9=(9)a9 =>-3a9; lcls to 52
5. (7=9)a9-a7=(9-5)e7=(5)f9 =>-7f9; singles to 81
09/Mar/17 1:10 AM
SE 7.2
SSTS to UP28.
#1 (2)c3=UR gi35(28) -> -4c3; UP31.
#2 (9)i1=i4-e4=e7-(9=17)ac7-(17=4)c9-g9=(4-8)g3=(28)i35 -> -2i1; UP37.
#3 (5)c1=(5-7)c5=(79)a57-(9)a2=b2 -> -5b2; UP52.
#4 (5)e7=(5-7)f9=f8-h8=(7-9)h4=e4 -> -9e7; UP81.
09/Mar/17 1:55 AM
cenoman, I am not sure I understand how to read your results, but I wonder if there is a typo in step 4.
As noted in step 5, a9 is either a 7 or a 9.
09/Mar/17 2:44 AM
Such a beautiful animal. I'm sure he 'd rather wake up in Africa. Wilodene for the photo.
09/Mar/17 6:10 AM

Hi Sarah,

At first, thank you for reading my hieroglyphs!

I have a question to readers like you: you have seen me using the acronym lcls (Locked Candidates, Locked Sets) since a few weeks. I find it fully in line with the designated techniques: singles, naked or hidden; pairs, More...
09/Mar/17 8:54 AM
Oh, cenoman, now that I've done it again, I see that I was looking at your solution for a clue to a next step when I already had 79 in a9. My method includes taking hunches, so it is not based in logic, except that intuition itself is based on some sort of logic.
09/Mar/17 9:45 AM
As for reading the notation, I must admit I am interested mainly in the start of each step to see which choice was in consideration, iow, where I might look for my next decision process.
09/Mar/17 9:48 AM
#27 246@e268=>e3<>246 #29 28@gi5=>gi5<>469 7@ac5=>f5<>7
9?@e7=>{e4=5=>d5=9,a7=7=>g7=6,f9=5=>i7=5=>c7=1=>c9= 4=>c5=7=>c1=5=>h2=5=>g2=7=>g9=3=>a5=3=>b4=4=>h5=4=>h3=1=>h8=7=>i4=7 More...
09/Mar/17 10:07 AM
Hi Sarah
If only your hunch was e7<>9.
You would have it done much quicker.
Intuition is not based on any form of logic.
Cheers Les.
09/Mar/17 10:12 AM
12:25 I agree with you, Jacalmi. That's why I went to Namibia and South Africa last year to see them in their natural habitat.
09/Mar/17 2:36 PM
10/Mar/17 11:38 AM
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